9 mistakes you should not make in your moving

You thought I was never going to touch you, but a moment has come in your life when you are forced to move. A change of work, the arrival of a baby or the need for more space in your home may be the reasons that make you leave the comfort of your home to undertake a trip that, for many, can be traumatic.

However, although sometimes a transfer of this draft may seem a paranoiac enterprise, with sufficient organization and a little head, the matter can be made more bearable and less overwhelming.

When thinking about putting in relocation, classify, pack and move everything we need, all the components of life, you can put your hair, but we will offer a series of tips that will make your move more bearable.

From Big T movers, gathering our experience and a thousand anecdotes lived, we tell you what you should not do in a move. Although this is the first time, you have changed your home and did not know what you have to do, thanks to this decalogue, at least you will have some notions about the mistakes that can be made and you can avoid them.

1. Not having the necessary time: in a move, a thousand unforeseen events may occur, especially if you are going to do it in a city far from the current one. The day you execute it, do not mark schedules. It is not bad to make estimated travel calculations, but it always leaves a lot of margins, since the traffic, the weather, the stress … can cause delays. Do not get overwhelmed by it.

2. Do not count on help: does Messi became the best player in the world without the help of Xavi and Iniesta? Even if you think that you are more than capable of making a move, you alone, do not even think of it. The most advisable thing is to have the help of professionals and have an agency like Big T movers, but, in addition, the support of family and friends is invaluable. Laughter, soft drinks, beer, pizza, home delivery … will make you break the tension at times when you can see yourself getting low energy.

3. Do not package early enough: in short, we apply the famous “do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.” Do not let the bull catch you and you still have things unpacked when the removal company arrives.

4. Do not pack the fragile correctly or place it in a suitable place: error! Even if you have to invest a little more, use suitable packaging elements, such as bubble paper, cardboard or foam. The pottery, the mirrors, the lamps … are some of the elements that you must protect more from the blows and the dangerous places.

5. Do not calculate the cost of the move: a move, unfortunately, does not come free. Take into account all the expenses that will be incurred, such as packaging, transportation, gasoline, lodging (if necessary). Make an estimate before you start with the whole process.

6. Forget supplies: it seems obvious, but there are a number of services such as electricity, water or gas, which are not always repaired. We left a house that had them and where you should cancel them, to go to another house where, possibly, they are not registered. Do not forget or give the leave in the property that you leave, or move without having enabled the one that will be your new home.

7. Do not take action: How much furniture do you have? What dimensions do they have? Do you know if everyone is in your new home? A move can become a puzzle, so try to take action before purchasing your new home and make sure your belongings fit right into your new property. It is not necessary to carry a measuring tape on the day of the move.

8. Forget pets: There are animals that are harder to forget, like a dog or a cat, although it would not be the first time they stay on land. Then there is another series of pets, such as birds, fish and other types of caged animals that can stay on the road. It seems silly, but the fact of not wanting to leave them buried under the furniture or boxes can cause them to stay for the last and, with the hustle and bustle, do not notice them. If you have a fish tank, empty the water in a drum or bucket with a lid and put the fish in it, do not ever think about packing it as it is and … do not forget the children either!

9. Forget yourself: in the maelstrom and stress of the move, it is very possible that you want to finish as soon as possible and forget to drink water. Do not fall into this error, which can be one of the worst. If you are not cool, you will not move, so drink water, stay hydrated and eats whatever you need. Do not stop recovering an energy that you will need more than enough.


If after this you still have doubts, we have many more ways to help you. We make your move for you and, in addition, we have a furniture storage service to support you, in case you need it. You just have to get in touch with us to get just what you need.

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