Apps to help you in your move

A move is not a pleasant task at all times, it can be a tedious activity and generate many headaches, for the time it takes, for having to organize and package everything, for the transfer and for unpacking at the end of the process. The good news is that in the world of technology, there are also tools that help you as the app for removals.

We all carry a smartphone in our pocket or we have a tablet and it is that they have become essential elements in our day to day life. In fact, I’m sure there are several applications that you use daily and they help you in all your work. Mobile technology helps us in many aspects and when making a move as well.

There are already many users who have opted for these applications, which in a simple way make the move an easier task. We mention some of the apps available on different platforms.



Undoubtedly one of our favorite removal applications is that their software is impressive. With the MagicPlan application you will be able to find the perfect place to place that piece of furniture that does not just fit you. Many times when moving house one of the big headaches is like replacing all furniture and find the ideal space. Well MagicPlan has a software that will help you depending on the space available and the measures of your goals to place them all on a plane. In this way, you will have a perfect guide with measurements of where everything should go.

This innovative application is available for all mobile devices in the Android and iOS systems. It is a useful tool that allows you to measure, draw and publish an interactive plan of a house, just by taking photos from your device.

With this you can document a floor plan by adding furniture, objects, annotations and different attributes. In a matter of minutes you will have the plane available. There are more than 10 million users who already use it without having to measure, draw, move furniture, or be an expert to use it.

You can know in advance if any object or furniture is good in a specific place, before placing it. You will not have to have a meter, you will be able to measure through the app and it will let you know if the sofa enters the place you want or if it will be traversed.



It is the easiest way to prepare your move. Downloading this application you can manage all the activities that are contemplated in a move, visualize your new home or office and track the budget.

Use an augmented reality module, with which you can easily add different furniture, boxes or identify the necessary repairs directly in the photos you make.

The app in the App Store allows you to collaborate with other iOS users by sharing the information, also to provide the information to any provider and contacts. If you wish you can create shopping lists and have a direct and constant access to the tasks to be done before, during and after the move.

The app in the Play Store offers you the option to keep the information in the cloud and synchronize the whole process with family members. You can create multiple lists of packing boxes and thus have the exact and controlled inventory. If you wish you can include the measurements of the furniture or any object, introducing weight, volume, temperature, etc.



This app is used for the moment of completion of the moving process. AroundMe will help you quickly identify the bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, restaurant, theater or taxi closest to your area.

Just let them access your location, in a few seconds it shows you a complete list of all the companies in the category that you have selected, according to the area where you are. Find out about all the services, places of interest or shops in your area and access important information about them.


HandyMate Lite

HandyMate Lite is a similar application to the previous one but it will be very useful before moving. Before living in your new home, you often do not have all the necessary measures, since you have not been able to spend a lot of time carefully measuring each of the rooms. With the data you have this application will help you to take an estimate of the space available to give you an idea of how you can place the furniture in your new home.



Many people who move with the Big T Movers live rent and share a flat with other people. That is why the Splitwise application will be perfect, because it helps you control all expenses and outstanding payments of the house. Thus, you can indicate who has made an extra payment and how much the others owe, if the deposit or the monthly payment has been paid and many other things.

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