Find babysitter for the child during the move day

The move day is usually a huge mess. Relocation helpers go everywhere in the house, and moving boxes are stacked in every corner, you take care of the coordination of all involved helpers. Often it happens that the landlord is there for the handover or you have a strange plant whose transport requires special treatment. Infants or babies are therefore difficult to care for in this situation. There is no choice but to hire babysitters for this purpose.


Babysitter or grandma cares for the toddler during the move day

For babies and small children, the atmosphere on the move day is usually quite stressful. They can not understand why all people make noise and march back and forth nervously. On the contrary, it may turn out that it is dangerous for them.

In any case, you have to organize early childcare. Everything has to be carefully considered and adapted to local conditions. Depending on the age of the child, the care may vary.

There is the option to take care of the child directly in the new home of grandma, but usually, there is huge chaos on the move day. It would be better if the toddler stays far away from the stress and dynamics of the day in a quieter place with grandma or with a friend of the family.

Move into a house with a large beautiful garden in the summer, and the grandma can look after the young there.

The best helpers in this situation are definitely grandma and friends of the family. Unfortunately, you do not always have the opportunity to be there and to help. Then you have to think of something else and of course not at the last moment. Another option would be to charge babysitters for a fee.


Kindergarten – is that also a possibility?

If your child is already in a nursery or kindergarten and is well-informed, you can ask at the local. At the same time, there is a special support service for special cases. So that your child does not get to know the other children and the educator directly on the move day, it makes sense that they were already there a few days earlier. So you can be sure that your child feels good there and does not spend the necessary hours reluctantly.


Where do you find babysitting?

Just leaf through the local newspapers and you will find many offers from certified child-minders and experienced babysitters. Do not choose the first offer you read in the newspaper. It is best to spend enough time and meet several candidates. Your baby should be present at the preliminary talks so that you can determine whether the chemistry between babysitter and child is right. Qualifications and references are very important, but the most important thing is that they get along well.

Also, consider the organizational details in the preliminary discussion: Where does the child stay during the move – care room or maybe in the playground? How long does the child stay? Is the carer responsible for picking up the child? You can still in advance an information sheet with your contact information, your mobile phone number, your phone number of at least one other person who is on the move day in your area.

You can also prepare a sheet with the most important information for your child: What is the child allowed to do and what not? When does the child eat for lunch? Is there something that the child is not allowed to eat? Does the child have to take medication and when?

It would be even better if your friends and acquaintances can recommend someone.

If you have already found a caregiver, do not hesitate to ask if he has sufficient insurance cover in private liability insurance. Do not trust oral promises and ask for a copy of the insurance certificate.


The payment for a babysitter?

The cost of a babysitter varies by region. Moreover, this is above all a matter of negotiation. The age of the carer and the entitlement to care also play an important role in pricing. The costs also depend on the time of day and the level of training of the supervisor.

For students, babysitting usually means a little pocket money. They often work for 3-4 euros per hour. For example, students studying for pedagogy are willing to take care of their child for 5-8 Eur. Highly qualified staff can make you an offer for 10-15 EUR per hour.


Prepare the child for the move day

Do not underestimate your child and often talk about the upcoming move. It must also be well informed about the new apartment the new house. In addition, give him enough meaningful explanation why it can not be there on the move. It is advisable to tell it where and how long it is spent with the caregiver. Do not forget to let the child know exactly when you will pick it up.

It is advisable that the child spend the move day in a known place. Your offspring will feel best when it is familiar with things. Do not forget his favorite toys and other items that he likes.

We look forward to sharing your experience on this topic. Maybe you have something to add. Your comments are important to us.

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