Caring for books in a move and get rid of what you no longer need

We have spoken many times about valuables in a move but we usually think of jewelry or other material goods of great economic value. However, we have already found many cases where these invaluable or sentimental goods have turned out to book and if you are a great lover of literature, we are convinced that your extensive library is a real treasure for you.

move is a good time to carry out a review of our entire collection of books, even if it hurts, to get rid of many of them that are no longer useful. We will explain the two steps we recommend in a move when you have a large library at home.


Step 1: Selection

Of course, if you are a lover of books you will have a large collection and getting rid of them is not a valid option, even if you have read them several times. Logically, we do not refer to these copies, but surely you have adorning one of the shelves of the house an encyclopedia, an atlas or academic books that have been totally outdated or outdated

It is logical not to want to get rid of that novel that you fell in love with when you read it, but maybe it’s time to throw away that old encyclopedia that no longer serves and that only accumulates dust and occupies space.


Step 2: Packaging

The books, because small they are, when their number is considerable, they are an important weight inside a box. Luckily there are many sizes and reinforced boxes to transport them but even so, it is recommended that the boxes never exceed 20 kg in weight

Keep this fact in mind when it comes to filling your boxes of books, even if they weigh less better. If you have spare space you can use it to save other light objectives or even goals such as blankets or sheets that do not weigh and will help you protect the books.


Take advantage of what you no longer need

The move is a good excuse to get rid of objects and furniture that we no longer need. The problem is that sometimes we do not know how to decide what we want or need in our new home. Therefore, in this article, we want to give some solutions for those items that we know very well what to do with them.

There are many objects or furniture that does not have space or utility in the new home. In these cases, the best is to try to give them to an acquaintance or relative who can make use of them. There is also the possibility of donating them to any association or company that may be useful. In the case of furniture with a certain economic value, they can also be sold as antique furniture or offered in the second-hand market to try to obtain some benefit for them.

If you have many books that you do not intend to transfer to the new home, you have several options. One of them is to check if they can be useful in any library or cultural entity. There is also the option of donating the books to some association immersed in some campaign to collect books for charity purposes.

Clothing is another of the dilemmas when carrying out a move. The move is an excellent opportunity to renew the costumes. You can take clothes that you no longer use to NGOs that are dedicated to collecting clothes or selling your clothes in the second-hand market. An always available option is to give the clothes to friends or relatives who can give a new use to your clothes.


As we know, the moving service is a service that implies an economic expense. For this reason, it is important to select what we really want to move and leave out everything that is unnecessary, this way we will be able to save on the cost of the move and also in space in our new home.

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