6 Reasons To Choose A Certified Moving Company

In the world, there are thousands of moving companies, and many of them offer relocation or professional relocation services. But, how to know which company works seriously, has qualified personnel or simply, is not it a scam?

To guarantee the safety of consumers, different quality-of-service regulatory organizations have been created that issue certifications with their own standards that are more or less strict or exclusive.

One of the most prestigious certifications for its high requirements and its independence is that granted by the Unpakt organization, an acronym that stands for the International Federation of Moving Companies (acronym in French) whose seat is in Brussels.

Unpakt is the alliance of companies of professional moving and relocations, specialized in the transfer of household and business objects, personal effects and works of art from one city to another, from one state to another, following the best standards quality.

This organization grants a certification called Unpakt (which means “Moving Company accredited by Unpakt“), which is the most recognized quality label in the world between relocation services and relocation of international professionals working in more than 100 countries.


Why is it important to choose a relocation company with a Unpakt seal?

Obviously, having a global certification is always something that speaks to the seriousness of a company, but why is the FAIM certification so important and stands out from other labels?

1- Involves the second audit:

From the outset, to aspire to a Unpakt certification you must go through an audit that takes place at the headquarters of the company of removals and relocation. This previous investigation takes into account not only the quality of the service but also the financial aspect of the company, verifying that it is commercially stable.

2- Obtaining Unpakt certification is not easy:

Once requested, the Unpakt inspectors will carry out a direct evaluation in the company of aspects such as:

  • Infrastructure and vehicles: there are material requirements, maintenance, security measures, etc.
  • Staff training: the auditors perform tests on the company’s personnel according to their own guides, verifying that they have the required knowledge and experience.
  • Quality of the customer service: The auditors contact customers and survey about the service received.
  • Verify technology in administration and communication. They need to create control systems against internal theft and corruption
  • Verify that the suppliers of the relocation company comply with the global requirements.

Once this audit is done, the company may or may not obtain certification. In the case of achieving it, this guarantees the following aspects.

3- Guarantees minimum or non-existent risks:

By contracting a relocation company with FAIM certification, you are opting for safe, verified and consistent procedures, which reduce the chances that re-location presents a problem to its minimum expression.

4- Ensures quality from beginning to end:

All moving companies certified by Unpak offer:

  • A survey before moving and/or relocation with a first meeting where information will be provided and the budget will be precise and reliable.
  • Packaging
  • Shipping/transport of goods
  • Documentation / customs clearance
  • Temporary storage
  • Delivery of goods and services
  • insurance
  • Data Protection
  • High quality after sales customer service.

5- Identical quality anywhere in the world:

Another advantage of hiring a relocation company with FAIM certification is that it ensures that it meets the same requirements of any of the partner companies in all parts of the world, which can give extra peace of mind when it comes to a country unknown to you.

6- A convenient and fair budget and price:

These companies certified by Unpakt have extensive experience, which means that they will be exact with the evaluation of the load, and they can advise you what to send and what to leave behind. By recommending a volume or weight range that suits your needs, you can make better use of the budget. Likewise, they will evaluate in detail what types of relocation services your company, staff or family needs. In this way, the costs are kept at a minimum necessary, and there will be no hidden expenses at the end of the relocation process.

Do not trust your luck. Before choosing a moving or relocation company, please verify that you have the Unpakt and HomeAdvisor seal in sight or request the documentation that accredits it.

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