How to detect pirates in removals and identify a good moving company

With the difficult economic situation that we find ourselves today, we have seen how many sectors have suffered what we call “intrusiveness”. Surely you have seen posted posters and lamp posts on people doing repairs, painting or even pirated cabs working in black. This hinders the work of those professionals and companies that are legally established and unfortunately, have also appeared pirate removal companies.

It is understandable to want to save as much as possible when a move is made, but hiring a pirate removal company can incur a large number of risks and when it comes to the truth, going out much more expensive. They do not have insurance, they will not respond to damages caused, they do not have qualified personnel, the means of transport, as well as the packaging used, are not adequate and a long etc.

Therefore, although a low price is very tempting, it is very important not to fall into the error of hiring a pirate removal company if you do not want to take surprises and some displeasure.


How to detect a pirate removal company

If you want to avoid surprises and make sure you hire a moving company with everything in order and that ensures maximum peace of mind, keep these tips in mind:

  • Several estimates: It is logical that if you are looking for a moving company ask for several quotes. If among them, you find that one has a much lower price to the rest, it is probably a fraudulent moving company.
  • Written budget: If the moving company does not offer you a written estimate, you can start distrusting it. Never set a price.
  • Contract with the client: In the same way that a previous budget has to be delivered, it is necessary to sign a contract to relate the parties. Logically, if the company is a pirate, you can not make any type of contract.
  • Trucks and personnel: If before hiring the service, you can see their trucks or some of their operators, see if they have signs and the workers wear a uniform or at least a T-shirt with the logo of the company.

Given these details, it will be very easy for you to detect a pirate removal company.


How to identify a good moving company

Hiring a moving company in Atlanta is always the best option when carrying out your move. The professionals of this company are responsible for carrying out all the necessary actions in order to move everything you need to your new home. However, each company has a way of working, so the result may not be the same depending on the company chosen.

These are some keys that help identify when we are facing a good moving company:

  1. It is very important that a moving company treat your belongings as if they were yours. For this, the transfer of them must be done with care, protecting the objects most susceptible to damage (glass, dishes, etc.).


  1. A good removal service includes the possibility of disassembling the furniture for transport, as well as reassembling them in their original form in the new home. It is important that the company takes care of and identifies each piece, in such a way that none of them is lost or damaged. A very effective method of working consists of photographing the completely assembled furniture and its disassembly process, in order to avoid problems in the subsequent assembly process.


  1. The most efficient removal companies make a previous visit to the new home in order to better know the available space and the location that the client wants for their furniture. With this simple step, the company achieves a better planning and greater speed when carrying out the moving process.


  1. A good moving company always provides detailed information to the client, for example, what costs the move entails, what aspects the insurance covers or not, the procedure that will be carried out, etc.

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