Furniture packer or specialist for furniture, kitchen and moving service

Perhaps few people know that the official job title of a furniture packer is Furniture, Kitchen and Moving Service (FMKU). Because a professional packer does a lot more than just packing and loading. His professional duties still include manual tasks. You can install kitchens professionally, dismantle and set up furniture, connect electrical appliances. You are still applying for no-parking signs.

If you want to work as a specialist in relocation services, you must complete a three-year apprenticeship. Because since 2006, a specialist for removal service is a state-recognized training occupation.



What does this specialization include? As I said, packing and carrying are not the only activities of the movers. The field of study covers a wide range of knowledge. In addition to legal knowledge, you also get basic knowledge about logistics and administration. Because a furniture packer often has to do other office tasks – accept an order, warehouse inventory.

Theoretical knowledge and expertise in electrical and water installations are also included. The learning program is versatile and includes all the important aspects to help transport specialists get a good overview of the key issues affecting this profession.


Job profile

What actually belongs to the profession of a specialist for furniture, kitchen and moving service:

  • Professional advice and communication with clients;
  • Correct assessment of the appropriate moving material – the number of boxes and boxes; Special material for fragile items, computer, TV; Packing of bulky furniture parts, etc.;
  • To create a decent and reliable offer;
  • Timely and competent organization of the moving days. The exact timing of activities;
  • Apply for no-stop zones – pick up, set up and dismantle ;
  • Dismantling and assembling furniture;
  • According to your wishes – clearing out and cleaning.


What skills should a specialist have for furniture, kitchen and moving services?

With diplomacy, a furniture packer must successfully build the trust of your customers. Dealing in a friendly way with clients is a must.

A removal service professional must possess certain skills to perform the profession as well as possible. Since you often have to get in touch with customers, it is advantageous if you have a confident manner.

In addition, you should be trustworthy and reliable and stand by your word. With means of diplomacy, one must successfully arouse the confidence of your customers. Dealing in a friendly way with clients is a must.

Unfortunately, movers often find themselves in situations where customers are treating them as arrogant and disrespectful. This happens especially in districts with a very high-income average.

“The piano to the fifth floor, please” and “move? Everything is so wild. “Anyone interested in this area and faced with the decision to complete this field of study must definitely read the two books.

Here you will learn first-hand the specifications of this profession. Readers are convinced that working in this profession for longer than two days requires two important qualities: a sense of humor and a psychological sense for their clients.

Exercise capacity. During the three-year course, you will learn the correct lifting and carrying technique because wearing wants to be learned.

Nowadays, there are many tools that make carrying the goods easier. Sack trucks, roller boards, and strong hand magnets are gentle on the joints, back, and muscles. Despite all the facilities and resources, there are principles in this activity that you definitely have to learn. According to an evaluation by the KKH alliance, furniture packers belong to the group of employees with the sickest days. This shows that there are many risks in this profession, which can certainly be reduced if you have more knowledge.

Skilled craftsmanship. Handicrafts always belong to a move. Bulky furniture must be dismantled to be transported successfully. The fitted kitchen must also be dismantled. Electrical and water installations are also part of every move. This specialist learns a specialist for removal service during the training period.

Teamwork: A relocation helper must definitely work in a team. Because removals are usually to be handled by several relocation helpers, the coordination between all responsible helpers must work perfectly. This is possible only if people develop an effective strategy in advance. This does not happen overnight and needs enough time for the relocation helpers to get together.

Willingness to travel: Just as important for this job is that you are often on the road. After all, many moving companies not only offer local removals but even international ones nationwide. That means you have to drive often. This is a special feature of this profession, which many movers gladly accept.

If you want to work as a mover for more than two days, you must have two important qualities: a sense of humor and a psychological sense for your customers.


Once again – what do you do as a furniture packer at a glance

Specialists in furniture, kitchen and moving services are mainly active in the moving industry. They have craftsmanship and build kitchens, furniture up and down. The pack is moving goods in and out, install electrical equipment. They are still busy with office work – creating relocation offers, handling complaints and preparing contracts. They work in a team and advise customers on the services offered by their company. Your work must always be planned and documented so that a high standard of quality can be proven.

Specialists in furniture, kitchen and moving services work mainly in companies of the kitchen and furniture trade, in moving companies or furniture forwarding. They work in warehouses, in workshops, in transport vehicles or they practice their profession locally at customers.


Not all employers are looking for trained movers

It is a fact that not all employers are looking for trained movers. One of the reasons is that relocation companies often prefer to employ people who are trained by them. Because every moving company or furniture forwarder has specific requirements that can be learned locally. Also, by and large, there are not enough trained professionals to hire a company.


Where can movers find job vacancies?

Many moving companies or furniture haulers often create advertisements in local newspapers, where they describe in detail the requirements. Employment agencies are also a source of information in this regard. There are numerous portals and job boards on the Internet that offer job vacancies for movers. On the homepage, larger moving companies often provide information about current jobs.

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