Help: How do I load a moving van?

They are already ready for the “big” day. There are already a number of moving boxes in the hall, which must be loaded in the moving truck. What else should you do, so that all your belongings arrive undamaged in the new house? The first step in the successful move has already been completed, namely packing moving boxes properly. Now you should still load the moving truck properly because that is also an important phase of every move. In this article, we would like to tell you useful tips on the topic “moving truck correctly loaded.” Try to avoid possible mistakes, as they can not only damage your belongings, they can endanger the health of the occupants. We start with the preparation of furniture for transportation:


Furniture should be well prepared for the moving van before the move

You definitely want your pieces of furniture to arrive in the new apartment without stains or scratches. Then you should note some important principles:

  • All keys and handles should be removed in any case. But there is the danger of losing these small parts. To prevent the loss, you can tape the loose items to the appropriate pieces of furniture.
  • Cabinet doors can also cause damage if they are not taped. Use a reliable tape to protect it from ever opening and closing.
  • Also get moving blankets that offer good protection. They are easy to find and can be lent to transport companies for a small fee. The single price is actually not that high. It is about 1.50 euros per piece. If you have a list for the necessary relocation materials create, you absolutely need to add in order to have enough time for their procurement, the moving blankets.
  • When you buy or rent moving boxes, there are some important things to keep in mind. It would be best if they are the same size. This way you can stack them much easier in the loading area of the moving cart and use the optimal surface.
  • You know, for a smooth move, you should organize your relocation helper optimally. Everyone should have a specific role on the move day. It is recommended if a relocation helper, eg, stay with the moving van. Not only does he take care of the theft during the move, but he also has a good overview of the loading area (since only he stays there all the time) and can optimally arrange the space for moving boxes and furniture.


How do I load a removal truck or truck?

  1. Moving boxes come first in the moving van. They are stacked at the back of each other. If the move boxes are the same size, you can arrange them much faster.
  2. Moving boxes come first in the moving van. They are stacked at the back of each other. If the move boxes are the same size, you can arrange them much faster. After the first row, you can calculate exactly how many boxes you need for the second row. If there are not enough boxes to fill the entire row, you can use towels or filling material at the gap that has been created. In this way, you make the whole cardboard pile more stable.
  3. For a successful move, you definitely need straps. Fragile objects are thus secured as well as possible. It also leaves more room for the rest of the belongings.
  4. How should you load the furniture? It would be best if you also had prepared in advance. Large furniture such as a double bed or wardrobe can be difficult to get through the door. That’s why you should reduce these. To do this, you may need a specialist to work in advance. Then walls and doors are loaded first. They also have to be fastened with straps. The moving van must be loaded evenly.
  5. All pieces of furniture that can not be disassembled come in the middle of the vehicle. Try to use the spaces as rationally as possible. Maybe under the chairs is enough space for pillows, blankets or big cuddly toys.
  6. Now it’s the household appliances’ turn. The idea is that they first get into the new apartment because they are bulky and it is an advantage if they are quickly brought to the right places. With it, you can more easily control the chaos. Straps are also used here. For example, a washing machine is heavy and must be secured so as not to tip over during transport.

So that the plants are not damaged, you should last load them in the moving truck. For packing the plants use blue sacks. The plants can not last long without air and light, so just before the departure invite and at the same time take out quickly on arrival.

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