How To Budget A Move Properly: 5 Must-See Tips

Whenever you’re planning a move, the first thing you should do is create a moving budget. Most people who move feel they don’t have time to set up a budget. However, not preparing financially could cost you much more than you might expect. Small items such as buying a new shower curtain, sheets or restocking your shelves after you move all adds up overtime. Before thinking about moving, it’s wise if you spent some of that time figuring out what your budget should be. 

Moving experts unanimously agree that one of the most important things people should do before they move is setting up a house moving budget. You need to take care of this before thinking about anything else during your move in the Metro Atlanta area. 

How the Process Works

Why make a moving budget in the first place, you ask? Here, we’re going to show you 5 important reasons why you should pay special attention to the budgeting process for your big move.

You will have a much better idea of how many financial resources you will need to complete each relocation phase successfully. The creation of a preliminary moving budget will enable you to determine whether you have enough to move or notl.

By monitoring the entire budgeting process, you can respond quickly and adequately if a moving task ends up costing more than expected.

Once you have successfully moved to another city in the Metro Atlanta area, like in Johns Creek or Marietta, you will be in possession of a working moving budget which you can use to perform a thorough post-relocation analysis of what you did wrong and what you did right.

You can use the invaluable results of the in-depth budget analysis to either execute a much better move from a financial point of view at a later stage in your life or give good cost-saving tips to friends who are facing a move themselves.

Moving Company Expenses

If you’re hiring a moving company in Metro Atlanta, you’ll need to include the following:

  • Moving Company Fees: Includes fuel charges and labor. Evaluate how much these might be and calculate them into any spreadsheets you might use. Feel free to ask the moving company for estimates if you’re unsure. Then, prioritize the most expensive items and save accordingly. 
  • Additional Insurance: We recommend seeing if you have any expensive materials you want to have in your new home or apartment. Computers, jewelry, furniture, etc. Anything that has a high resale value you should definitely add these to your moving costs. 
  • Extra Services: Could include preparing appliances, moving a piano, etc.

Be sure to ask the moving company you’ll be working with for how much they would be willing to transport these items for you. At Big T Moving & Delivery for example, we always have instant quotes, so you’ll never second guess on how much you’ll need to save before carrying out your plans. 

  • Extra Charges: These may include accessorial charges, expedited service charge, flight charge, long haul charges, long carry charges and shuttle service.
  • Claims/damage costs: you may not need to include an amount here, but to be safe, add in a 5 percent contingency rate based on the total moving company fees.
  • Professional Packing: This is an optional service.

To learn more information on all the things you’ll need before moving anywhere else in Atlanta, feel free to contact our team at 404-312-3610 or email us at [email protected] today! Thank you for choosing Big T Moving & Delivery as your trusted mover. We are committed to helping you get to where you want to be much faster. 

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