7 Powerful Tips to Make Your Last Minute Move Go Smoothly

A typical moving day: A moving van is in front of the house, skilled moving helpers carry heavy boxes and are in a hurry to finish everything in time.

But there is so much preparation and organizational work behind this idyllic picture. It takes a lot of effort long before to bring the move smoothly on the stage.

Anyone who has ever moved knows that there is a lot to do before the move.

However, if you have no experience, it is advisable to gather more information on this topic. Guarantee successful completion of your move by reading the following detailed tips.


1. Plan your relocation budget to control your expenses

Even before you start preparing for the move, it makes sense to have a rough idea of the removal costs. In other words, you need to have a realistic picture of your financial potential to move into your new home safely and undisturbed.

Make a detailed budget plan as early as possible to get an overview of your expenses.

Why should you create a budget plan:

  • When you create a budget plan, you can decide in good time whether you have enough financial stability for the upcoming move. Nobody wants to get into debt in this situation.
  • Knowing which move budget you have allows you to control costs more easily. If the corresponding service or material is more expensive than you have planned, you have the opportunity to vary in good time and search for the right variant. Therefore, please calculate the removal costs as precisely as possible. For each service or moving material, you can write down a planned sum.
  • A precise move budget makes it easier for you to make the right preparation. Whether you can afford a professional move, or you have to organize everything yourself from A to Z, depends primarily on your financial ability. The sooner you can set the amount to move, the sooner you can start organizing.


2. Organize your time with a so-called relocation calendar

Before you begin preparing, efficiently organize your time by highlighting important information about the process of moving.

It is not excluded that during the preparations you often can not meet the specified dates. It is important that, by and large, you stick to the original plan. The calendar serves as an orientation and helps you not to miss essential tasks.


3. Find a suitable moving company with an optimal price-performance ratio

In order for your move to run smoothly, you need qualified professional help for the things you are unable to do.

If you have enough time, you have the opportunity to organize many tasks on your own. ( Buy moving boxes and packaging materials, label boxes, etc.)

But some things are not in your competence, or you just can not manage them. (lift and carry heavy household items, disassemble furniture, etc.). In this case, you need professional help.

How can you quickly and safely find suitable relocation help? Read the following 9 steps:

  1. Determine your needs and requirements
  2. Ask for recommendations and tips
  3. Rate your move options
  4. Ask many questions to your movers
  5. Request a quote for the removal costs
  6. Discuss the details surrounding your move
  7. Request several removal offers
  8. Check all the details again
  9. Opt for a removal company


4. Plan your move day

Once you’ve planned your move budget, created a relocation calendar, and of course, found a reputable moving company, you’ll need to set the move date.

It would be best if you have the opportunity to be flexible. In this case, you should not set a move date, but over time to orientate yourself on the situation and only then say when the move would be best.

The best months for a move are during the winter season (September to May). Because the removal companies are not overwhelmed at this time, they also lower the standard tariffs. If possible, make an appointment in the middle of the month – prices are lower. Weekends and public holidays are often reserved and prices at this time are relatively high.


5. Before you start packing, make sure that you bring all your belongings to your new home

In any case, this point must exist in your checklist. Do not skip this point because it plays a vital role in the whole process of the preparation process.

For a budget resolution, the following steps should be taken into account:

  • Set up an inventory list before moving by not forgetting memory and basement.
  • Sort out valuables and memorabilia.
  • You can sell unnecessary items through classifieds.
  • Organize bulky waste logging and disposal.


6. Obtain the right packaging materials

One of the most important activities during the move preparation is the packing. To get started with this tedious and time-consuming task, you should get packing materials. Think about how many boxes you need and always buy a little more. Most DIY stores offer their customers the option to return the unused boxes.

Which are the most important packaging materials?

Moving Box: He is considered the king of packaging materials. Before you buy brand new boxes from a hardware store or a local moving company, find out about the cheaper alternative. Nowadays there are many possibilities.

Packaging paper: Specialized wrapping paper is perfect for packing your belongings. It is very important, especially for fragile objects. Newsprint can also be used in this case. But it would help if you were careful because sometimes the newsprint leaves black ink stains.

Bubble wrap: It is an indisputable fact that bubble wrap provides the ultimate protection for all items that need to be transported from point A to point B without damage.The purchase of bubble wrap is a good investment, especially when it comes to fragile and valuable items.

Adhesive tape: In order to reinforce the ready-packed moving boxes, you need quality adhesive tape.


7. Pack your belongings as a professional furniture packer

As you have already convinced yourself, you have so much to do before moving into the new apartment, the new house or the new apartment. Therefore, effective time management is of great importance for overall success.

Read the following main principles to maximize the effectiveness of the preparation process:

  • With good planning, you can make the packaging marathon a bit easier. Start packing immediately after you have determined the move day.
  • Note: The sorting and packing of items in the rooms such as basement, attic, garage usually take more time than initially thought.
  • Designate a room where you store all already packed boxes.
  • First, pack the heavy items.

You are well informed about the move, right? Good preparation is needed in any case. Make the most of your movement effectively by creating a well-considered and logical plan. Follow your plan step by step so as not to miss anything essential. If you have any further ideas, do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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