How to Select a Quality Moving Company

How to Select a Quality Moving Company

Moving is already stressful. More so, if you arrive in your new address and find your important belongings lost or broken.

The mover you choose can impact your moving experience. Here are some tips to take note of before hiring a moving company.

1. Gather referrals. Start with a simple search online. Check what the Internet says about a moving company. Visit third-party review sites for a transparent review of their products and services. Ask friends or family members too if they can recommend a professional mover in your area. You can also contact your broker or real estate agent for recommendations.

2. Request multiple quotes. Once you have identified a couple of moving companies you initially approve of, it’s time to request an estimate. There’s also nothing wrong with contacting the team to have a feel of their customer service. You might be able to gather free tips straight from moving professionals.

3. Inquire about their services. Check if the moving company can also help you pack your belongings or arrange your furniture. See if it’ll be more practical to use more of their services than take care of them yourself.

4. Watch out for red flags. If there’s something odd with the mover, don’t hesitate to move to your next options. A professional moving company will not ask you for money upfront. They won’t charge you for work they are yet to provide. They should as well be able to provide you with a detailed estimate or an explanation of their breakdown should you request it.

5. Ask about their industry experience. Ask the moving company to share stories about their industry experience. If you have a special item that you need moved, ask if they have already experienced doing so. These items are priceless and irreplaceable, and it’ll give you peace of mind to know that your mover understands how they should be handled.

6. Look into their professional accreditation. See if they’re associated with authority organizations. This is one sign that the mover is serious and committed to the work they do, and that they stay up-to-date with the latest in the industry.

7. Check if they’re licensed and insured. Licensed interstate movers are issued a uniqueDOT number. You can always ask for this information and check if the detail provided to you is valid. If you’re moving to another state, check if the company is licensed at protectyourmove.gov. As for their insurance, you can also verify if it’s valid online. You’ll want to make sure you’re working with professionals and that the team doesn’t recruit day laborers. While you’re at it, check too if your personal belongings are insured. If not, consider getting another insurance.

8. Check if they have a valid address. Verify if the place of business listed on their website is true. There’s nothing wrong with paying a visit so you can have a feel of their work environment and also meet members of the team in person. Should you have any concerns, you’ll know where to go to. But of course, if their phone lines and email are monitored, chances are you’ll not have to drive to their office for clarifications.

Select a moving company that you’re comfortable with and is trusted by several other clients, like you. Pay a fair price for your move and feel at ease knowing your belongings will arrive in your new address safely.

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