3 key questions of a moving: Tips from Professional Moving

The removals continue to be one of the biggest headaches for many people when they decide to change homes. We have already posted some helpful articles, however, many of our clients continue to ask us questions or doubts that we would like to solve with this post.


3 questions you should ask yourself when making a move

Basically, these are the 3 questions that most times have made us when making a move, hopefully resolve your main questions.

When is it better to make the move?

Keep in mind that a move is not a matter of a moment and can sometimes take more than a day so it is important to organize. First of all, do it when you know that you are going to have time because the rush never brings anything good. For these reasons, take advantage of holidays, a free day or a bridge can be a good idea.

What took me in the move?

Although it may seem a silly question because it is clear that you want to move everything from one house to another there are certain things that it would be advisable for you to take separately. On the one hand objects of great value, not so much economic but above all sentimental. On the other the most important documents of a house such as insurance policies or birth certificates. It is also important to allocate a box for those essential objects and equipment with which you can not miss a single day.

Can I pack things?

It is an option if you want the move to be more economical but keep in mind that this is a long time and more of a headache when choosing the necessary boxes and how to organize all the objectives in them.


Tips From Pro moving

If a change of residence is looming and you are not honed at the steps involved, read the main tips of professional moving for a successful move. Those whose job it is to pack, transport and unload your belongings come together on the important points to consider before going on an adventure.


Professional Moving or Moving Company?

By amateurs, we mean the family and friends we are tempted to solicit to reduce expenses. 
If you are moving yourself, take the time to evaluate the preparation time (sort, pack) and try to measure the volume to be moved as accurately as possible. 

The volume will determine the number of people to invite to help you, and the size of the vehicle to rent. A truck too small will force you to many round trips. If you want to optimize the day, a larger vehicle may require a heavyweight license. Professional moving has vehicles of different sizes to adapt to the volume to be transported.

Another important and often overlooked point is insurance. Are you covered in case of damage to a property? In case of bodily injury of a friend?


Pack, Move, Load

Moving requires a lot of energy and know-how. If you keep the newspapers carefully for several weeks in anticipation of packaging, be aware that the risks of breakage are inversely proportional to the low protection offered by the paper. 

Similarly, works of art and plasma screens deserve special care. Make a list of the materials that may be required to transport your furniture, dishes, and clothes in the best conditions: blankets, bubble wrap, custom cases, or wardrobes.

All professional moving will tell you that a successful move does not just mean quality packaging

Moving a piano or a safe is more complicated than a garden chair. A sofa that is too long may not fit on the stairs. Have the eye and measure the openings so you do not need a lift at the last minute. 

The vast majority of us do not have a cart to move furniture or a heckling handling to stack cartons and make fewer trips … other equipment to add to the list of needs.


Good Carry, Unload, Unpack

The ballet continues (until the final destination, you will not count the hours or the steps). Carrying furniture and effects can seem simple: we stack in the truck and we start. But the path is strewn with pitfalls and the risk of damage is not lacking (even if you have over-wrapped): sudden braking, a little short turn or potholes. 
Furniture and appliances must be secured with straps. Professional moving also advises to load with a method: stall without forcing. 

Unloading presents the same challenges as loading: access, openings, handling. But the hardest thing remains to be done after an already intense day: unwrapping, storing, positioning furniture (to go up in some cases).

These tips are just scratching the surface of what a professional mover is evaluating and performing. 

For a move in the best conditions, compare the advantages of moving yourself in relation to time, energy and preparation required. Many professional moving offers different levels of service. You can give them all or part of the project, depending on your resources (especially friends).


The Big T Movers have since 2008 acquired the expertise that the experience confers. We are your ideal partner in terms of professionalism and satisfaction of your needs according to your constraints and your budget.

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