How To Know If A Company Is Relocation Specialist

It is necessary to recognize it: moving and settling in another country can be one of the most traumatic experiences of the human being. So stressful can it be that when it comes to sending an employee to represent a company abroad, the physical and emotional exhaustion of their relocation often undermines their work performance completely.

In response to this problem emerged companies dedicated to the relocation of employees or manage the mobility of the workforce. These services include a variety of internal business processes to transfer employees, their families and/or entire departments of a company to a new location. The companies specialized in Relocation Services are born this way.

To fully know the field of play, are the international moving companies which usually have a department of relocation services. But, how to know if a company is a specialist in relocation?

In addition to the usual measures when hiring any service (check references, visit their website, search the Internet for possible complaints or disputes, etc.), it is essential to ask the right questions before hiring and observe how the company provides this service. In this way, you will have the necessary security that the company you hire is a specialist in the subject and can meet your needs


What to ask and observe in the interview with a specialist in relocation?

International certifications: An excellent way to check if the company works seriously is to have the international certifications of the most recognized organizations. To obtain these certifications, it is necessary to fulfill stringent requirements regarding the quality of the offered service. The most prestigious certifications in the field of relocation service are the Unpakt network.


What unique services does the company offer to adapt to the client’s needs?  

When researching different relocation companies, the last thing you want is package solutions. After all, the needs of each person are unique, and for that reason, it is necessary that the service is personalized. Make sure that the company can adapt its services, programs, and prices to your needs since that flexibility is a good indicator that they are specialists in these services.


With which companies and local organizations do you have connections? 

If you need the advice to find a house, hire a school for your children, a medical service, etc., then you want the best. For that to happen, a relocation company must have reliable connections with the leading companies and organizations that provide these services in the destination city.


Does the relocation company have particular interests with certain suppliers? 

Conflicts of interest can cause relocation services to fail. It is necessary that the relocation company be independent, selecting, classifying and training the best suppliers to form a supply chain network, a global network of suppliers and a suitable domestic network, regardless of the brand. For example, that the relocation company is not committed or is a shareholder of a real estate agency in particular, or that it has a contract with a health insurance provider, etc. Transparency in management is the basis of trust.



Will your relocation consultant be at your side when you need it? This is true for any service you hire, but relocation is essential. You and your family should be able to communicate with your relocation company when they need it. If you find that there are calls and emails not returned, then you will have to re-evaluate if this company is suitable. If you are a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a large pond, it should not make a difference. If it does, then the relocation service provider is not a specialist or 100% reliable.



Observe if the representative of the relocation company is clear when talking about prices and conditions. If you get vague or general answers to specific questions, it may be someone with no experience. Are you open to suggestions on your part or are you immediately defensive? These are some indications that communication between the parties will be problematic.


Does it provide a complete relocation service? 

When a relocation company is a specialist in the subject, it is usually able to cover a wide range of services, including the removal of personal belongings, comprehensive handling of documentation and tax advice, the purchase or rental of the house that leaves and the one you need in the new destination, the rental of offices, the installation of services, the search of educational establishments for your children, medical services, advice on recreational or sports activities, etc. The more services they offer in addition to the basic services, the greater the experience that the company has in the field.

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