How to make an organized move

As in many other aspects of life, the organization is one of the keys to getting a move without problems and headaches. We are not aware of everything we have at home until we have to make a move, so we want to give you 7 practical tips to make an organized move.


7 Tips to make an organized move

  1. List: There is nothing like doing a “checklist” or a list of everything, but absolutely everything we have to do. We do not only refer to the objects but even the steps to follow and what things we need to buy such as boxes, stickers …
  2. Boxes: Buy boxes of all sizes and you’d better be missing them as well as enough adhesive tape and markers to mark the boxes. You also have the option to ask us for our boxes and packing service if you want to save this task.
  3. Suitcases: Have you thought about using your own suitcases? Many times we do not fall but you surely have suitcases, backpacks or sports bags that you can use without problems to transport many objects and thus save some money in boxes.
  4. Everything together: Sometimes we have objects that are made up of several pieces and for space in the finished boxes packing some things in a different place. Better to leave everything in the same box, even if that means optimizing space a little less.
  5. Do not leave it for the last minute: Try to go packing boxes little by little, mark the date on the calendar and propose to pack one or two boxes each day leaving the first need for the end.
  6. Tags: Use colors or markers to mark the boxes depending on the room where they have to go. It will be much easier when you have to start organizing everything again.
  7. Most important objects:If you want you can allocate a box to the most important objects such as private documents and others with the aim of always carrying them over and avoiding possible losses.


Moving valuable Elements

When we make a move we have to move many different objectives from one house to another. In this process, we can find everything and from the banalest to the most important things should be taken into account. In a move, we are always going to find different items of value or very important and that is why we must take into account a number of special considerations with them.


Take care of your valuables in a move

Due to its high value, whether economic or sentimental, it is important to carry out the removal of valuable items with great care. First of all logically is to resort to specialized companies, since they are accustomed to dealing with all kinds of valuable objects and different characteristics. Whether it is a very fragile object that can easily be broken or a valuable object that must be well protected as a painting or sculpture, a moving specialist is used to dealing with them daily.

Still, it is important to be clear about the conditions with the moving company, although it is normal for them to be responsible for the handling and safety of this type of object. A good idea to avoid problems is to take photographs of the status of these valuable objectives before carrying out the transport so that there is some way to verify its actual status in case of any kind of incident.


We must also think that it is one thing to send delicate, fragile or expensive objects and very different very important belongings. It is not advisable to carry legal documents or insurance policies in the moving boxes, for example. In the same way and for greater tranquility, those objects of high emotional value and irreplaceable would be better than you take them in a box.

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