What is the best time for moving?

In April, there are showers; in the month of December it freezes; in the summer there are people on the roads. In September, it’s back to school. All this is correct. If we tend to associate a move with the sorting of what we keep, the packaging constraints and the transport time, we must not neglect the planning on the calendar. What is the best time to move?
The date of your moving, of course, will depend on the circumstances.


Some frequently asked questions about when is the best time for moving

How do you know when is the best time to plan your moving?

If your workday or your personal commitments never allow you to take a break, do not worry. Today we are going to give you some advice on the best time of the year, the best day of the month and even the best day of the week to move. So not only can you prepare your moving for the most appropriate time, but also get your commitments to square with it in advance.

Note that when we refer to the best time to move, we do not take into account the personal or work context of each family unit, it would be impossible to generalize. So take as a reference that when we talk about the best time for moving, we refer to the time when moving can be cheaper because it is a low season in the sector.
If it is a professional move, your employer gives you a date of taking office. It’s up to you to organize the trip to maximize the benefits and minimize the inconvenience and costs.

If you are more flexible and have several months to think about it, the constraints are less strict.
Similarly, if you have to stall the family’s move to start a new school, you will need to consider a transition from the end of the school year to an adjustment period before your children meet new friends.
In any case, if you entrust your move to professionals, the cost differences depending on the season will be another factor of decision.


The periods charged

• From June to September
• Due to school holidays that can be easily coincided with holidays, traffic is more important.
• End of the month
• Moves at the end of the month are common due to changes in rental homes.
• Weekends
• The end of the year


The Good Times

To benefit from more attractive rates, choose the “hollow” periods.
• In Week
• Mid-month
• In winter, typically from October to March, out of season
For a move with the least possible embarrassment and at a more affordable cost, the choice of your mover is important.


What is the best time of year for moving?

Undoubtedly, the worst months to moving are those that surround the summer. In general, many families and students have to plan to move at the end or at the beginning of the school year, in June or September. January is not a good month to move if you want the moving to go cheap, many people change homes at the beginning of the year.
So as you can see, it is easier to find a good offer in the months of February to May and October to November. And for the best day of the month, avoid at all costs the days of the end (28 to 31) and mid-month (14 to 16).
And the best day of the week to move

Although this essentially depends on whether you can afford to carry out your move based on your work or personal commitments, we all can usually ask for a couple of days of rest to meet these types of commitments. If this is your case, you should know that Wednesday is the most suitable day to make your moving. Mondays and Fridays are usually the busiest days, especially in large cities.

It is also outside the weekend as a general rule, since it is when the removal companies take the opportunity to give their employees the day off, and although it is possible that you can book a moving for a weekend, you will not get anything cheap in comparison with the cost that another weekday would entail.

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We hope we helped you decide when to make your move!

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