Moving Checklist Everyone Should Follow

Moving Checklist Everyone Should Follow

We’re not sugarcoating it. There’s so much you need to do when you’re moving. It can get stressful at one point. It helps to prepare early so you can give yourself enough time to make decisions. Moving should be an exciting time too. To help you, here’s a checklist that you can use 8 weeks from your moving date down to the moving day itself. So, let’s begin.

8 Weeks Out

  • Create an inventory of the things you own and taking with you to your new address.
  • Think whether you’re hiring a moving company. If you’re still on the fence about it, request an estimate from various moving companies. The moving company may need details about items you’re moving so keep your inventory handy.
  • While you’re coordinating with various movers, decide whether you’ll sell or donate items that you can’t bring with you or no longer need. You might want to invite family or friends that are interested. They can take with them some of your unwanted items and help you declutter at the same time.
  • Once you have received a quote for your moving needs, start working on a budget spreadsheet. If you’re planning to sell some of your belongings, you can use your profits for your move. Consider other factors too, such as packing supplies. Get them for free (boxes and other containers) or invest in high-quality ones (packing tapes). 
  • Arrange school records. If you have kids, this is the time to arrange their transfers. You may need to organize documents or visit the school so it pays to get started with the process ahead of time. 
  • If you have pets and are bringing them with you, secure veterinary records. It’ll also be great to have your them receive shots they need.
  • As you go along, you’ll be spending money. Be sure all financial records such as receipts, placed in one folder. Keep track of valuable documents with ease and avoid missing them.
  • Be sure important documents are safe and secure. You’ll want to keep these items with you at all times.
  • After comparing your options for a professional moving company, it’s time to choose one. Read testimonials or client feedback to find out what customers think about their services. Make a call to the team and have a feel of their customer service. You’ll want to work with a team that you feel at ease with. 

6 Weeks Out

  • Update your moving address and forward your mails. Advise everyone in your contact list about your move, especially those you need to keep in touch with. This includes your banks and insurance providers.
  • If you have already decided which moving company to work with, it’s time to book their services. Make it clear which services are included in the package. Ask too if you need to provide items, such as plastic or bubble wraps.
  • If you have belongings that you will still use but not anytime soon, such as seasonal clothing, you can start packing them as early as now. Take pictures or them and label your boxes accordingly.
  • If you have electronics that need to be disassembled, take a pictures of them which you can use as guide later on. 
  • Make shipping or travel arrangements if necessary. This goes for your car, pets, or kids. 

4 Weeks Out

  • It’s time to start packing away. If you will not be needing an item immediately, it’s okay to pack it as early as you can. Don’t forget your labels and photos. Attach them on every box. This isn’t only for you as you unpack, it offers help to your movers too.

1 Week Out

  • Contact your moving company and confirm your moving date.
  • Pack the rest of your valuables.
  • You might want to start packing your hand-carry items too. Don’t forget important documents and prescriptions or medications. 
  • Clean your home and leave notes for the next resident if necessary.

On Moving Day

  • It’s moving time! Start the day early.
  • Unload your fridge and store groceries and other items accordingly. You might also want to consider inviting your friends so they can take with them perishables that you can no longer bring with you. 
  • Confirm arrival time of your moving company. 
  • Before the truck leaves, double check is everything has been loaded properly. See as well that no valuables are left behind.
  • Look after the unloaded process. Even if you’re getting help moving your furniture, you still need to supervise the placement in your new home. 

Thank your moving company and everyone who helped you moved. It isn’t easy for sure but with help from the right people, you can manage.

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