How can flat rate movers near me make my move easy?

So that you do not spend unnecessary money on your move, plan this early. Start planning as soon as you have the commitment to your new property and know the move-in date. So you have time to organize everything in peace and to opt for low-cost alternatives for example flat rate movers.


Pack yourself

Basically, a move makes the more cost-effective, the more tasks you do yourself. For this reason, it is recommended

  • to pack all the moving boxes yourself,
  • Disassemble furniture without professional help and rebuild it in the new apartment,
  • Home appliances to connect yourself and
  • To take over renovation and cleaning work.

You save an unusually large amount of money if you forego professional support from the forwarding staff when you load your goods into the transporter. Instead, include family members, friends, and acquaintances for this activity. If you do not get the required number of helpers, student backers are a good solution. In university towns, you can find relocation helpers on the bulletin board or student job boards.


Rent a cheap moving van

To save on booking the transporter, get several offers. Before that, you should determine exactly how big the moving vehicle must be. You can use practical tools that calculate exactly what volume the car must have to carry your household. If you only move a short distance when moving, you can save money by taking a smaller vehicle and driving several times.

Tip: Thoroughly sort all furniture and other items that you will not need in the foreseeable future before moving. Transporting unnecessary household goods costs a lot of money and effort.

If you do not fully use the space available in your moving vehicle, offer the remaining storage space for additional cargo. Private individuals then pay you a part of the rental cost of the car to take along their belongings.

In addition, freight forwarders and car rental companies usually offer their vehicles on weekdays at far better rates than at the weekend. By choosing an advantageous date can be saved in larger moves without further sums of several hundred dollars.


Support from the employer, the tax office or the employment agency

Often, the new boss participates in the relocation costs of his employees or at least grants an interest-free loan – if the change of residence is for professional reasons. In addition, persons liable to pay tax benefit from the relocation allowance, which reduces the tax burden as part of the income-related expenses. The Employment Agency also contributes in some cases to the costs of a move. It decides on its support and its amount in the discretionary procedure.

So that you can move inexpensive, so you should clarify many things in advance of the move. Inform yourself right here!


An example: Carolin would like to move from a two-room apartment in A to B. An offer of removal price is approximate of $ 1,275, including installation, no parking zone and insurance coverage up to 13,000 $.

If she herself would rent a van in A and return it in B, she would cost the truck 670 $. For the no-hold zones in Atlanta and Atlanta would add another 250 $. The real rental costs would be already at 920 $. Food for helpers and packaging material is not included here. In addition, Carolin would have to dismantle and rebuild all furniture himself.

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