Best Tips on How to Move in the Rain to Your Destination

Anything can happen when you want to move to a new place. You never know what’s going to happen, especially with the weather. One day, it can be all bright and sunny, and the next, you find yourself getting wet in a bunch of mud puddles. That’s what happens when you try moving on a rainy day. It’s easy to get your stuff all dirty and messy, and for your big move to be a mess too. Therefore, we want to make your next move easier by giving you some important tips to prevent yourself from getting caught up in the turbulence and help you move as safely as possible in the rain. 

The rain is not usually a guest that is received with enthusiasm in the removals, however, at Big T Movers we have faced all kinds of removals, so we know that a little rain does not have to be a problem at the time of getting a perfect move. However, it must be very clear that there will be some drawbacks in relation to the packaging of the furniture or the appropriate places to deposit them during transport or unloading.


Before Moving in the Rain, What Do I Need to Do? 

  • Pack with plastic those items and furniture that would get damaged if they get wet. Certain furniture made of wood or other materials, if wet, even a few drops can suffer damage that would make it lose its appearance or even its usability, therefore, it is important to pack these pieces of furniture with plastics, in addition to the normal packaging that we have put.
  • Make sure that the moment of loading the furniture and equipment in the moving truck is as fast as possible. In this way, we would be minimizing the time in which the furniture is exposed to rain. You can accumulate them in the entrance of your old house and have them all ready to simply load them.
  • Try that the unloading area is covered. We know that it is not always possible, but you can prepare the download area and have it covered, because in this way while you are doing one of the last steps of the move, you make sure that your furniture is not soaking wet with the rain.

Common sense plays a very important role in the changes with rain, so you should be aware to be able to anticipate the possible inconveniences that this could cause in the transfer of your belongings.


Best Tips From Big T Moving & Delivery

You have skillfully organized your move, but what you did not plan for a day where it will be pouring outside. Not the best start, but not to worry! We have all kinds of advice on helping you move in the rain much easier. Pay special attention to what we have to say in this post. 



Furniture and cartons

  • If you can, replace some cartons with plastic boxes.
  • Buy plastic sheeting and waterproof covers for mattresses, sofas, armchairs, …
  • Smaller objects can be covered by plastic bags.
  • Be extremely vigilant when it comes to your appliance, which is particularly sensitive to rain. The bubblewrap is very useful.


The grounds

The comings and goings pose the problem of dragging water and mud from outside to inside. In addition to soiling (carpets and carpets in particular), puddles on the tiles pose a danger of falling. 
Plan extra mats, or blankets to be placed on the ground at the entrance and in the vehicle. Moving in the rain is stressful enough not to add the anxiety of an accident or extra workload.


Protect yourself

It is obvious that if you have to hold an umbrella you will not be able to move much, so equip yourself accordingly:

  • Wear gloves so you do not drop anything.
  • Put on rain boots or slip-resistant shoes so you do not slip.
  • Wear a raincoat or hooded poncho to keep you dry.

Driving the Truck

If you’re not a professional mover, chances are you’re not used to driving a truck out there in these torrents of rain. Rain decreases visibility, braking distances need to be re-evaluated, potholes fill with water and are more difficult to avoid! Caution should be exercised. Here are some more pointers you should know before going out there in your truck: 

  • Drive slowly.
  • Do not worry.
  • Be attentive and focused on driving.

When it is clear that you will have to move in the rain unless you have an extremely flexible schedule, you can not change the date; you will have to do with it and do the best. If you can, call a professional mover who will drive the truck in the rain and have the equipment (and experience) to protect him and his team, as well as your furniture and cartons.

For over ten years, we have helped countless people move all over the Metro Atlanta area and are prepared to help you get to where you want to be. We have equipment best suited towards your needs to keep all your belongings as safe as possible. Thank you for choosing Big T Moving & Delivery as your moving company of choice in the Metro Atlanta area! 

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