Last review before moving: secrets of a Movement without Stress

We have already given many tips to make a successful move. The truth is that they are usually quite stressful processes for those who move and there are many details to consider. Beyond the typical tips when packing all our objects and others, today we want to give you a kind of “checklist” or checklist that you must perform at the last moment.


Final checklist of a move

Surely giving a last-minute review to see that you have everything tied before making a move will save you from more than one problem.

  • Not everything is furniture: A move is much more than changing your objects from one house to another. It is important that in advance you have warned companies of water, electricity, telephone, internet … of the change. It may take 15 to 30 days, so it is better that you have already notified in advance but it would be good to call one or two days before to make sure everything is correct and all the services are transferred.
  • Keys: Make sure you have all the necessary keys, not only from the house door but also from mailboxes, garage doors or anything else that uses a key. All of them must be delivered to the landlord or new tenant, although it must be the last thing you do.
  • Secret places: Many people hide in some areas of the house some money or valuable jewelry in case someone comes in to steal. Make sure you do not leave some money or any of these objectives for any part of the house such as kitchen drawers or a built-in wardrobe.
  • Documents: Make sure all essential and important documents go in a small box with you. This way you will always have them at hand and it will be easier to avoid some kind of loss.
  • Cleaning: Finally, try to do a thorough cleaning in your new house the day before the move. Placing furniture or getting clean with everything full of boxes in the middle is not a good idea.


Secrets of a Movement without Stress

What is the secret of a move without stress? The organization! As in many areas, the more difficult the task, the more it requires preparation in advance, having a plan of attack and proceeding step by step. Good preparation for a stress-free move starts with good timing. Time is probably the most important factor.


For a Move Without Stress, Be Prepared

Once you have determined your moving date, make a list of each step:

  • Terminate your lease
  • Register children at school
  • Termination of your services water, gas, telephone, electricity etc …
  • Send a circular (letter type) change of address to all major organizations
  • Make the change of address at the post office and arrange the forwarding of the mail as well as the change of bank branch
  • In urban areas, contact the Town Hall for a parking permit request for the D day.


Give yourself the time to choose your mover

Apart from word of mouth and recommendations, internet research can help you choose the best moving company possible. Because everything can go wrong, and cost you time and money, choosing a qualified professional mover is your best anti-stress asset. But even after choosing moving companies there are steps to follow:

  • Make an appointment for an estimate
  • Note that the provider must come to your home free of charge to calculate the volume to be moved
  • Decide on the formula that fits your needs and your budget: pack yourself and let the mover handle the loading, shipping, and unloading (which involves buying packing materials and cartons); or entrust the entire move to the team of professionals (equipped with the appropriate equipment and packaging solutions).


The secrets of a stress-free move are planning and organizingEvaluate your needs and resources in terms of budget and free time (and energy). A professional manages all the hard work for you, for your peace of mind.

The Big T Moving & Delivery have since 2008 acquired the expertise that the experience confers. We have equipment adapted to each category of goods, for a protected and secure transport, according to your constraints and your budget.

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