Moving in the summer – pros and cons

When is the best season for a move? In winter, the weather is too cold in the spring to rainy in the fall too unstable. Moving in the summer offers many advantages. Read our article and find out why summer is the best season for it.

A look at the statistics shows that most moves are done in the summer. The reasons are different. On the one hand, many people simply have more time during this season, as many companies close for 1 month in the summer, and on the other hand, the weather conditions are optimal.

In summer, however, the prices are too high, and you can rarely get a discount because the best moving companies fill their schedule quickly. In winter, the situation looks very different. Find out more here: Moving in winter is worth it.


How can you get the best price quote for your summer move?

There is the possibility to reduce prices even during the main season. But you have to pay attention to some main principles. If you are planning to move in the summer, be sure to book it at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Often you underestimate the early booking, and you lose the chance for a discount. In addition, in principle, most of the movers prefer certain days such as Friday, Saturday or Sunday or the first or last day of the month. For these days is very difficult to find a good moving company at the last minute. If you book your move early enough, you have a greater chance of getting a low-cost offer. If possible, do not book your move at the last minute, because that does not only mean stress because you can not find a moving company, it can also save you a bit of money.


Do not underestimate the preparation processes

If you have decided to hire a moving company, get several relocation requests. Compare three – four offers and contact several removal companies. Value for money is very important. Not always the lowest prices are the best. It is therefore highly recommended that you receive written offers. So you can compare at home not only the prices but also the services offered. Contact the relevant removal company as soon as possible and do not hesitate to ask questions.


When are the best days of the week for a move in the summer?

Do not plan your move in the summer on Friday, on the weekend, at the beginning and the end of the month. These are the most popular days for a move. That’s why most moving companies are unwilling to cut prices on these days. On working days you have a greater chance of getting a discount. In the summer you should also reserve a date for these days early.


What are the benefits of moving in the summer?

Summer months offer the best temperatures for a move. The mild temperatures are an important factor in the successful completion of a move. In winter, there are too many cold days, which can often cause problems when moving. Too much rain in autumn and spring make the weather very unstable. Nobody wants to risk his move.

In summer, the weather is wonderful, and you do not worry about slipping or ice on the streets of the moving car. There is no snow or ice that restricts the truck. There is no foliage that makes the way to the car slippery. Usually, it does not often rain because rain can damage the moving boxes.

The sun is in a good mood and moving and renovating does not look so difficult.


Moving in the summer also has disadvantages

The mild temperatures in the summer can unfortunately not be regarded as an advantage. Because sometimes they are too high and then a move quickly becomes a torment. If the temperatures are above 32 degrees Celsius, the heat is unbearable. For people with circulatory problems, the removal of cartons for hours can be quite dangerous.

That’s why you better hire a removal company for your move in the summer. The professional moving packers are used to the high temperatures and work in the heat. For them, it’s not such a big burden of work during hot days. On the contrary, less well-trained people can no longer tolerate heat.


Garden plants should be well prepared for moving in the summer

Gardening and Planting is not an easy task. Plan your move for the summer months should you prepare well in advance. For example, they should be ready to put into boxes in spring and then transport in summer. If for whatever reason, you find it too late to move, it is a good idea to ask your renter if you can take the plants with you later.


A move in the summer is a great challenge, which is a bit easier because of the nice weather. The sun provides a good mood, and no low temperatures or heavy rain can prevent the move. Nevertheless, one should prepare good for it, because most moving companies are too busy in the main season and early planning is worthwhile.

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