3 ideas to get rid of your old furniture while moving with tips to prepare them for a move

Generally making a move represents the beginning of a new stage, something new begins and it is important to leave behind certain things. There is nothing better than taking advantage of your move to get rid of those objects and especially old furniture that you no longer use and that you were accumulating, occupying you more and more space and generating dust.

In addition, getting rid of old furniture will help your move to be more economical because it is the bulkiest and most expensive to transport by weight, difficulty transporting them and the space they come to occupy in the truck. Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of the occasion to get rid of those furnitures that you had stored in the garage or the storage room and even renew some of your house that you have been wanting to change for some time.


What do I do with the antique furniture?

From Big T Movers we want to help you to give you the best options and ideas to get rid of those furnitures that you no longer need. We recommend these three:

  • Second hand: If the furniture is really in good condition you can take advantage of it and try to sell it second-hand. Maybe you do not fit in your new home or just want to change style but someone can come in handy to have that furniture at an affordable price.
  • Antiques: If your furniture is very old but you consider that it has an important value you can ask at an antique shop or specialized store how much they would give you for it. Maybe that bedside table with so many details that you left of your grandmother has a high value for its age.
  • NGO: Many NGOs and associations collect furniture that can be used by people who do not have the option to buy them for their home. Even NGOs themselves sometimes need furniture for their facilities so you can help a lot with your old furniture.


It is true that you can also call the collection of items from your City Council but sincerely you will help much more to someone and yourself choosing one of the three options above.


How to prepare furniture for a moving

On the other hand, undoubtedly at the time of making a move what most headaches usually cause is the transport of furniture. They are the biggest elements of a house, the heaviest and therefore the most expensive to transport.


Tips for moving furniture

The first thing we must do is empty the furniture completely. It may seem obvious but it is important not to leave any type of object however small. It will cause noise and may not know what is due, generating a problem, plus it can ruin the interior of the furniture with scratches or small bumps in its transport.

As much as possible, it is advisable to remove items such as drawers, doors or shelves. The screws of each one of them can keep them in a small plastic bag and stick them in their corresponding element, in this way you will not mix screws or lose anything.

Despite removing this type of elements if possible, the idea is to disassemble the furniture in its entirety, although sometimes this can be a problem. The disassembled furniture is always easier to transport and safer to avoid any kind of damage that could suffer. Keep in mind that if a piece of furniture can not be disassembled in its entirety, many times you have to resort to balconies to lower them as they do not pass through the door. It is a good idea to take a picture before disassembling it so that it is easier to remember where each piece was going when it was reassembled.

In any of the cases, one of the most important parts is the correct packaging of the furniture. Each type of piece needs specific protection and is essential so that during its transport, it does not suffer any damage and arrives in perfect conditions at its destination. As a minimum, it is necessary to cover edges and corners since they are the most susceptible parts to receive bumps and damages.


As you can appreciate making a move in which you have to transport furniture is not exactly simple, so the best thing to do is to have a moving company that can help you in this regard.

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