How to pack everything in boxes and reorder after moving

If you have decided that for the move you will be the one in charge of keeping everything in the boxes (remember that we can do it ourselves) we would like to give you a series of tips to make everything much easier.


The packing in moving

These tips will help you when it comes to saving everything in boxes to prepare the move to make everything easier and avoid typical problems that are often given, especially if it is the first you do.


It is better than about missing

You will miss boxes. We already tell you from experience, think that it is better for you to have boxes and that you can store them easily folded so that you can see that you have run out of them to keep things. We tend to have more than we think in our homes for what is overlooked when buying them.


Write the contents of the box

It seems obvious but sometimes we forget to point out what is in each box and then it is chaos to know where everything is. It is not necessary to make a defined inventory but at least to know where each box goes, for example, living room, kitchen, bathroom …


Do not leave it for last minute

It is usual to postpone starting to pack all the objects in boxes because many of them we need. However, the sooner you start the better if you can not see the day of the move over and everything to save. Leave out only the essentials to hold until the day of the move but do not leave it until the last minute.


Beware of liquids in a move

Containers that contain liquids make sure they are tightly closed. It is not the first time that a box appears completely wet from a bottle of cologne or similar that has spilled because it is not properly closed.


Do not load the boxes

The best weight things in small boxes and in general do not carry too much weight the boxes. Then it will be a nuisance to move them apart from the fact that you run the risk of one of them going off.


Reorder everything after moving

We already saw a series of practical tips to make a move without problems however, this is only the first step in this process. Once with all the boxes and beings in our new home is the second part that for many is a cumbersome job, put everything back in place and unpack all the objects.

The first thing is to stay calm, it is normal to feel overwhelmed when you see boxes and more boxes to open and place but with a little order in much less time than you think will be all back in place. The first and most important step is to place the corresponding boxes in your room. Theirs is that before the objects and furniture of the previous house were packed, the contents contained in each box would have been indicated. This way you will not have problems placing each box in its corresponding room or place in the house.

Once each box in its space, it’s time to start unpacking. Here you have to be careful because it is easy that during the transport, going down the stairs, in the truck or moving the boxes inside the new floor, the objects have moved. For this reason, it is important to open the boxes with care lest something fall. Sometimes it is inevitable that something could have broken during transport, especially if it was delicate, but do not worry because this kind of things are covered by the insurance of the move and you will only have to report the damage.


The most complicated and heavy is usually to reassemble furniture, so we recommended having a scheme of the new house, to know exactly where we are going to place everything and avoid surprises of space. Depending on the size of the house and the number of objects, this process will take a little more or less, but with patience and organization, it sure takes much less than expected to start enjoying your new home.

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