What type of packing does pro movers use?

It is the most used packing in move and movers. You can find moving boxes of different sizes, and they are usually easy to get. There are those who take advantage of cardboard boxes that discard shops and businesses giving them a second use. Although you have to be careful of the boxes are well sealed and bear the weight of what we are going to store inside.

However cardboard boxes have a drawback, they are not the most advantageous packing for transport if they are to protect very delicate objects although you can always choose to use fillers that provide some more protection.


Wooden boxes for transport

Wooden boxes are not usually used in the moverss that are commonly carried out. This type of packing is used to transport machinery or large objects that require extra protection.

It is not strange; however, wooden boxes or pallets can be used to group other packages and facilitate their handling and transport over long distances. Even to take advantage of the infrastructure of warehouses and storage with the use of forklifts it is advisable to use pallets or boxes adapted in their structure to this type of machinery.


Plastic boxes or chests

If the move requires it, for having to transport liquids or food, it is advisable to use plastic boxes that, in addition to protecting and helping in transport, avoid the risk of liquids causing damage when spilled or transferred to another packing. Regarding food, it is reasonable to use refrigerated cabinets if they are perishable. It is not usual for food and drinks to be transported during a move. Good planning helps keep the refrigerator empty before moving. If it can not be avoided, you must notify the moving company in advance.


Another packing for movers

For the transport of furniture and large objects is usually resort to some type of pad to protect the edges. It is a very versatile type of packing that protects edges and corners of possible impacts. It is convenient to use it in a complementary way to other types of packing that protect the rest of the furniture or object from being transported. A clear example of its use is in the transport of white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.) that use padded protection for edges and corners and then they are fitted in cardboard boxes.

The bubble wrap is another element most commonly used in moving. It is usually used to protect the most delicate objects. It is not enough simply to wrap the object to be transported and leave it anywhere. The convenient thing is to leave it in trays or chests that avoid shaking during transport.

Plastic covers are quite useful to protect bedding, pillows or mattresses. They do not provide protection against bumps, but they do protect against chafing or wear. They are textile elements, and the plastic cover also protects from possible breakage by hooking with other objects.

If you have to transport dresses or suits a very useful resource are the zipper bags specific for that type of garments. In the moving truck could be enabled support or bar that facilitates transport without risk to wrinkles or unwanted folds.

If you have to transport more personal clothing in addition to taking suitcases of travel that may be in the home, there is the option of using adapted plastic covers that have a mouth to suck the air inside and thus reduce the volume. It is a very useful solution if we have clothes stored seasonally.

With the fillings that we mentioned at the beginning, we managed to increase the protection of the objects packed in cardboard or wood boxes. Also, filling all the holes prevents the object stored inside from moving.

It is important to agree before the move if you need some kind of packing for the goods to be also transported that the boxes are well sealed and labeled to be easily located through a list that will have movers minimum customer and carrier and that facilitate the control of any box.


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