Moving the piano – is not a massive problem with piano movers Alpharetta

As we said, a ground-level move would, of course, be the big hit. Unfortunately, you can not choose this, and so your piano probably has to make its way through the stairwell, right? The magic word here is a balance. The balance ensures that there are a few annoyances as possible in the piano.

Using the furniture straps, two persons carefully lift the good piece from the trolley again. It is now very carefully carried down the landing for landing. After each stair, carefully lower the piano and take a short break to regain your strength.


Loading the valuable cargo correctly

The staircase is conquered with no injuries to the piano or helpers, yay! Once at the bottom, the further course depends on the means of transport you have organized. First of all, the piano comes back on the trolley as described above and is carefully pushed to the vehicle.

The easiest way is loading with a loading ramp. Again, three people are needed to move the instrument. Lift it gently from the trolley and place it on the ramp. One person stands on the loading ramp and pulls on the upper side while two super-strong helpers push the piano up from below. The helper who stands up also directs the direction. When transporting the piano, the piano should be close to the wall of the transporter and must be securely fastened and secured.

If you have not been able to organize a vehicle with a loading ramp, that’s no problem either. Here are some tricks on how to get the instrument safely in place.

For a trailer with a  low sill,  proceed as follows. The piano is raised again in front of the trailer by two people, and the trolley positioned a little further to the left. Lower the piano again and hold it tight. The hovering in the air right side can now be raised and placed on the loading area carefully. Now lift the other side of the trolley and slowly push the piano onto the loading area.

It looks a bit different when the loading sill is even higher. Position the piano as close as possible to the transporter and turn it off. Now place the trolley centered under the back of the piano. He should now only be half under the piano. Now you can raise the other side of the piano in pairs and move towards the loading area. The trolley simply moves with you. Once the piano is set down on the bed, it can be pushed onto the bed as described above. A third person should always keep an eye on keeping the piano in the lane.


And on to the new apartment

Of course, before the piano curbs the new apartment, you still have to tie it down tightly. Pad the pressure points well with foil or blankets so that nothing breaks. The transporter is best equipped with a corresponding device on the inner wall so that you can secure the piano with straps. Not that it tips over during the ride or even ends as in the video and all the effort was in vain!


A little tip at the end:  After transport, a piano is often detuned. So before you plan the next living room concert, you should rather have the instrument judged by a piano tuner. Moreover, it is possible that the climate in the new apartment is slightly different. In that case, you will need to tune the instrument slightly more often in the first year.

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