Piano movers near me: this is how they succeed in piano moving

The tones of a piano come floating gently and airily and make our innermost vibrate. But as easy as the notes sound, so massive is the base of a piano. This is not a problem – as long as the good piece is in the living room and just recorded. As soon as the move to a new apartment is in front of the door, the hair gets started. How is this colossus to make it into the new four walls? We know what you need to pay attention to when transporting a piano.


Fact Check: When do professionals have to start?

Do it yourself or hire a professional? To answer this question, you should take a closer look at the good piece. A piano weighs between 170 and 300 kilograms. Is it one of the more serious examples? Is it an older piano that may be a bit chunkier? Alternatively, is it considered very valuable? In these cases, it is worthwhile to organize the relocation of the instrument by a professional company. Then the instrument is also insured.

Do you even call an expensive wing your own, who likes to weigh up to 500 kilos? Then you should not hesitate, but ask a professional moving company for help. Start an inquiry withHome Advisor  and you will receive 5 offers for the transport of your big instrument. You must remember that such an instrument will not forgive transport damage. If something goes wrong, because you and your helpers did not move the piano properly, the harmonies suffer. Even the best piano tuner will not be able to recreate the timbre the way it was before.

Also, consider how far the piano has to be transported. If it is on the ground floor and the apartment is easily accessible by trolley, then piano transport is easier. However, if the instrument has to be transported through a very narrow stairwell, then the professionals should rather go for it. It may also happen that the stairwell is too narrow to carry the piano. In this case, it is possible to split the instrument into smaller parts. But this should be done by a professional. If the piano can not be disassembled, in extreme cases even the crane has to reach to lift the instrument out of the window.

You should also ask a pro if you do not get enough helpers. Health is definitely the number one priority. With back problems, even a cured, makes an own hand piano transport makes no sense.


Take the piano transport into your own hands

You can even lend a hand if the piano is not necessarily one of the heaviest examples. It is also easier if the transport takes place at ground level, so you do not have to carry the piano over several floors. You should choose your (at least three) helpers thoroughly.

Also, they should be calm and prudent and do not want to do everything shuffle. Piano transport needs peace and good planning.

You must have the following tools at hand:

  • a so-called dog – this is a small trolley with four wheels and shelf, which should withstand at least 200 kilos of load
  • two furniture straps
  • Protective blankets and other padding material to avoid scratches on the piano
  • either a truck with a lift or a trailer with a low loading platform or ramp


The reins begin: Lift and transport to the stairwell

At least now you will understand, so you need at least two, better even three more strong helpers. In the first step, the piano is raised by two people (possibly with the help of the furniture straps), the third push the trolley centered under the instrument. A fourth person can see if the car is actually placed exactly in the middle.

Pro Tip: Close the flap at the beginning and attach it. This not only prevents the keys from being damaged during transport but also protects the helpers from bad finger grip traps.

Instead of lifting the piano completely, it can also be lifted by two helpers on one side, and the dog carefully pushed under it. Make sure that the edge that remains on the ground is protected with a blanket or similar. As soon as the piano is on the trolley, please do not let go immediately. Two persons must always secure the piano. It can now be carefully rolled up to the stairwell. It is best to eliminate all pitfalls in advance in order to exclude the risk of injury to the helpers.

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