The best way to plan moving and what to do on the day of move

If you do not want your move to become a headache, the best thing you can do is to organize everything beforehand. This is the best way to avoid possible inconveniences once the moment of the move arrives.
In order to plan the move it is important:

  1. Organization: this is a fundamental element when carrying out a move. Whether you are going to make the move, or if you turn to a moving company, it is important that you do everything well in advance. This can be useful when resorting to a removal service, for example, to avoid problems of availability in high season (summer months, bridges or holidays).
  2. Compare budgets: the budget must be requested in advance, as well as paying special attention to each and every one of the epigraphs of the same, thereby avoiding unexpected charges or costs. Comparing budgets means the opportunity to find the removal service that offers the best conditions at the best price.
  3. Positive attitude: it may be obvious, but the truth is that for many people a move is a process of everything less pleasant. Keep in mind that a change has a change associated, and a change at the end is always a good thing.
  4. Get rid of useless things: a move is the perfect opportunity to get rid of what you no longer need. When carrying out a move you have to take into account factors such as the weight and distance of moving your things, so giving up an old piece of furniture can save time and money.
  5. Advance part of the move: do not leave everything for the last minute, start packing objects that you do not use regularly and leave the objects of daily use for the end. In this w,ay you can advance part of the move without this entailing a drastic change in your daily life.


What to do on the day of the move?

In the first place, and before the day of the move arrives, you must make sure you have packed all your belongings, except for the especially expensive or valuable things, since these may be better left to the professionals moving company.

Once the appointed day arrives, the day on which the move will take place, we recommend you follow a series of guidelines so that everything comes out in the best possible way:

  • It is important that you are attentive to the arrival of the moving company at your home. If you have agreed an hour with the company it is convenient that you are present. It is logical, but sometimes the company moves and can not do their job because there is no one in the house.
  • Take advantage before everything starts to talk to the manager of the moving company and explain everything you consider important when making the move. With this simple operation, many misunderstandings and inconveniences are avoided.
  • It is convenient that the beds are already packed and ready to be transferred to the truck. This will save time and effort.
  • Read the moving note before signing it.
  • Provide the moving agency with your telephone number so that they can contact you at any time. Similarly, leave your phone to the driver of the moving truck in case there is any problem during the trip.
  • When you receive your things, check that everything has arrived. Not only does it matter that they arrive at their destination, it also matters in what condition they do it. Therefore, check all your things to verify that they are perfect. Never sign the delivery form before you have thoroughly inspected everything.

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