What does the price of a move depend on? And the importance of insurance when moving

When making a move the final price of the same is determined by a variety of factors. Therefore, before asking for a quote from the moving company, it is important that you consider what factors will determine the final price. As for example the following:

  • The size and weight of the objects to be transported and the quantity thereof. The moving servicewill be more expensive the more you have to move and the more difficult this transfer is.
  • If any of the objects to be transported is delicateor susceptible to deterioration.
  • The size of the house and the possibility or not of using a lift. Here also come into play factors such as access to housing, height or ease of maneuver at the time of removing the belongings of the house.
  • The number of people needed to carry out the move. It is clear that the more people are needed to make the move, the more cost it will imply.
  • The facility to be able to disassemble the furniture. This phase can greatly alter the deadlines for the move, so if the furniture is not easily removable the company will need more time and, therefore, more money.
  • The packing of the objects or boxes to be transported. Packaging is much cheaper if the customer does it than if the company does it. Therefore, this is a way to reduce costs in the move.

As a guide, we can say that a house of 80 square meters with 3 rooms, and whose volume of objects to be transported is 35 cubic meters, could have a budget of around 1, 200 dollars. A larger house, or a larger volume of objects to be transported, will easily imply a rate higher than these 1,000 euros.


The importance of insurance when making your move

At the time of making a move to the whole world, the integrity of the objects that are going to be moved is of concern, especially if they are objects susceptible to being damaged. But, fortunately, there is a way to monetize the risk associated with the loss or deterioration of the objects of a move, and it happens to hire insurance.

In general, any Atlanta moving company has its civil liability and transport insurance to cover any problem related to its activity. However, many of these companies also give the option of subscribing additional insurance to the usual to increase the amount of compensation in case of any problems with the appliances or even in case there is a delay to the time to perform the service.

In the event that the objects that arrive at the destination of the move present obvious damage, do not wait to unpack to make the claim, but it must be done immediately, that is, at the same time they are delivered said objects.

 In the event that the problems are not detected at the exact time of delivery, the damages, losses, or any problem, can be claimed within 24 hours after the delivery is complete. It is important in these cases to make the claim to the moving company in writing.

As we can see, insurance can be the perfect way to cover the costs incurred when there is a problem during the move. Therefore, when hiring a moving company, it is important to check what type of insurance is available and, among them, select the one that provides the greatest possible coverage.

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