Professional moving help by the hour

Moving by a movers service is the least stressful solution for the person who is moving. Depending on the scope, the packing and unpacking of boxes as well as the dismantling and assembly of furniture are included in the costs of the professional moving helpers. The cost is sometimes by project or sometimes but what about moving help by the hour? Let’s see what about this system and how ir works.


Compare costs of freight forwarders and relocation helpers

The costs of a move may differ significantly. Therefore, it is important to obtain estimates from several companies. For some providers this is done via an input mask on their website, others send an employee to the appraisal in the apartment. The rule is: Get the comparison offers without time pressure. If the forwarders still have a lot of capacity left, they are more willing to negotiate: Contact the moving companies as soon as possible. Especially with fancy moves, it is worthwhile to look for companies nationwide, in order to get the best offer and to find the right helpers for the move. The travel costs of the company are not the biggest cost factor.

Comparison offers should always be queried with the same scope of services. Otherwise, they are not very meaningful. Once a binding estimate has been made, the final cost may only be 15 to 20 percent higher.

There are comparison sites on the Internet, which, after one-time entry of the estimated removal volume, obtain offers from several companies. ImmobilienScout24 compares 1,500 companies across Georgia and presents you the best deals.


What is insured?

The insurance companies of freight forwarders and contracted relocation helpers only cover all transport damage if the employees have also packed all the boxes and containers. If the boxes have been packed by the person moving, the insurance does not apply if the items are damaged by improper packaging. Damage to furniture and unpackaged items are insured in any case. Pay close attention to the insurance conditions if you have a delicate piece of furniture transported, for example, a piano. Does the insurance also cover the case that the instrument is so detuned by improper transport that it is beyond repair? The same applies to expensive paintings or technical equipment.

Movers offer matching moving boxes, fillers, and blankets for stuffing – either this service is included in the price or has to be paid extra.


Hire moving help by the hour

Are you just looking for relocation helpers without having to book an expensive complete move? With the transport service of Big T Movers, you will find professional help. Just book a van including driver and moving help by the hour and ideal for small relocations. The offer is available from 50 dollars per hour, fuel and insurance are included in the price. For quick decisions: You have to pay the bill only after the transport. So you can bring your move at short notice on the stage.


Book moving helpers for the move via the Internet

Sometimes a move takes place at short notice or needs to be done quickly. If a company is commissioned, helpers are either provided depending on the service booked or have to be organized themselves. If the movers take care of the relocation helpers themselves, it may be possible that friends and family do not have time. If possible, therefore, should be inquired in advance of the circle of acquaintances, if someone volunteers as an assistant. If volunteers can not be found, for example, students can be booked as relocation help on various online portals. In order for the move to be unproblematic, portals should be checked for their seriousness. In addition, the costs should be compared.


The move with relocation helpers

If helpers are hired, it is important at the beginning to instruct them and to inform them about the process. The order of the tasks to be completed is important because it ensures a structured and orderly move. If furniture is still to be dismantled, enough tools should be provided so that the relocation helpers can do this work quickly. Small bags for screws, nuts and the like can prove to be practical helpers and allow undisturbed construction in the new apartment. In addition to this, it makes sense to give the helpers a furniture plan when they move so that they know when they are carrying the boxes and furniture in which rooms they are to be placed. For this to work, boxes, boxes and other items must be labeled in advance.

In addition, the food of the helpers should be thought of. Food and drink should be provided enough for everyone to serve themselves as needed. If the move was satisfactory, a tip of 10 to 15 dollars per person is usual.


Safe loading of the transporter

A safe loading of the moving transporter is obligatory and should be discussed with the relocation helpers at the beginning. It is important to ensure that boxes and heavy furniture can not slip while driving and damage other objects. For this purpose, lashing straps, which are available in every hardware store, can be used. Cabinets or other furniture can be covered with blankets to prevent damage such as scratches or cracks.

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