What types of materials professional packing services use

In the majority of the move, objects of all types, of different sizes and materials, are usually transported, and some are more delicate than others. And for the transport, there is no damage very important to the packing of the belongings.

Therefore, today we are going to tell you about the different types and uses of packaging material for the move that is currently available so that you pack your belongings as safely as possible.

Depending on the type of object to be packed, one material or another must be chosen. The most used containers in the move are cardboard boxes. And within this material, the most used are double or triple-A corrugated cardboard, which can hold up to 300 kilos of weight.

This packaging material, which is a classic, also offers different sizes. You can even find custom cardboard boxes depending on the object you want to enter. But regardless of the size and thickness, it is essential that the box is new.

Another of the packaging or packaging materials widely used in the move is bubble wrap. It consists of air bubbles inside two sealed sheets that acts as a pad to protect the products. It is a very flexible material that is usually bought in rolls and cut to size.


Other used packaging materials for the move

Although the best known and most used packaging material is the cardboard box, followed by bubble wrap (to which we have already dedicated an article of our blog), there are other very useful and very practical tools when packing our belongings :

  • Blankets: usually used to protect furniture.
  • Bubble plastic sheets: flexible material that offers good protection to objects and is used for porcelain and tableware
  • Cups special for ware
  • Cabinets for hanging clothes
  • Kraft paper: for the surface of the furniture
  • Rubber foam: recommended for plants
  • Covers for mattresses

Apart from these materials, you have to use other very useful tools to close or seal these packing methods that we have mentioned. These include adhesive tape, adding markers, post it, cutter or gloves to protect our hands.


Types of packaging material for the interior of boxes and containers

 Inside the boxes or wooden containers, it is also advisable to use cushioned or cushioned materials to prevent possible emergencies and prevent damage to the interior of these containers.

To the already well-known and traditional newspaper papers, towels or old clothes, they have been adding other newly created materials, many of them now booming, which fulfill these functions with more guarantees.

Among them we highlight the following:

  • Corrugated cardboard: single or double sheets can be used and placed together so that the protective screen is greater. This packaging material is recommended for heavy products that are not too fragile.
  • Brown paper: halfway between newspaper and folio, it is very suitable for wrapping fragile objects of small or medium size.
  • Molded foam: a kind of low price sponge ideal for products that are fragile.
  • Inflatable packing uses the air pressure to keep fixed the objects with considered damping and, also, with a constant temperature.
  • Moldable foam: creates a kind of cover on the belongings and protects the edges of the containers.
  • Spray foam: composed of a chemical mixture that expands and adapts to space, creating a protective mold around the object. To be effective, it must be distributed throughout the box surrounding the products well. There are different densities depending on the brands.

In Big T Moving & Packaging we are specialists in all types of packaging, and we always use the best packing material for our move. In addition, always accompanied by professional experts who guarantee the quality of the service and who will advise you which packaging service is the best for your belongings.

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