Protect fragile objects in a move

In any move, it is always important to take special care in packing correctly the most susceptible objects to suffer some damage. For this, the first thing is to make a classification with the different types of objects and group them according to their typology. For example, do not put glass or glass objects with heavier and more consistent objects in the same packaging. It is important to make this distinction and protect those objects that due to their characteristics are more fragile.

Once the distribution of the most sensitive objects in the packaging is done, it is important to inform the moving company of them. The staff of this will know how to protect your most sensitive belongings by means of the necessary packages and by means of the procedures that are usually carried out in cases of objects of this type.

Any protection is small, so if you can use cardboard boxes padded inside or uses foam, cork or bags with air bubbles. These types of elements act as an effective protector against any blow.

It is also important to try not to bind a good amount of sensitive objects in the same box, thus avoiding possible blows between them and reducing the risk of major damage. It is better to use several small boxes with sensitive objects than to make use of a single box since this will allow you to divide the risk.

As we have said, the protection inside the packaging is important, but this must also be accompanied by an indication on the outside of the packaging. This is achieved by alerting those responsible for the move, or any other person, that the contents of the box are more sensitive to suffer some kind of damage or damage.


Tips for not losing or breaking anything

In Big T Moving & Delivery we are experts in moving. We have been offering this service for 10 years and we have seen everything in our years of experience. This experience is what allows us to write this article with the best advice to not lose or break anything during the time a move lasts. Surely to those who are in full change of house this article is interesting.

  • The importance of the word fragile. So we have this word in our brain that we know that we have to have extra attention when we see it written in a box. As long as the content is fragile, write it down clearly in the box so that you are careful with the content.
  • Hire professionals. By saving a little money you can fall into the error of hiring individuals to make the move. The result can be quite disastrous, from robberies to the appearance of several valuables totally destroyed by not using the appropriate security measures.
  • Secure the packaging. Although in the box it becomes fragile, it is also important that the packaging in which the products that can break be padded. In this way, they will hold the transfer much more. Spend some of your time wrapping all the fragile products and in this way, you will ensure that the objects that break are few or none.


With these simple three tips, your move will be successful and you will be able to start your new life without the problem of having one of your objects destroyed or missing. In Big T movers we have a moving service in Atlanta designed for those people who want a professional transfer, without worries or problems. Do not hesitate to ask us if you want to make a move.

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