Relocation for seniors – What services do the removal companies offer?

Moving is a real challenge as it is usually associated with a lot of stress and discomfort, especially when it comes to relocating seniors. All over the USA, there are specialized moving companies that offer specific services. Seniors, who are not that efficient anymore because of their age, often rely on professional support to make their move smoothly on the stage.

What services do most specialized moving companies offer and how does a senior citizens’ suit with its particularities go, see the following paragraphs.


What services do most moving companies offer?

Every moving company that specializes in senior citizen removals knows that relocating to a senior citizenry brings many memories and emotions.

Professional relocation helpers often have a great experience with it and already know that a personal conversation is of great importance because a seniors move does not just mean a change of residence, but it begins a new phase of life.

The most common reasons for moving an elderly person are mainly because he can no longer cope alone in the old apartment or a larger house. Dealing with customers should, therefore, be particularly delicate. Seniors often tell their life stories that are related to their belongings and attract more attention. Sentimental emotions and tears often accompany the elderly throughout the move. The expert helpers are familiar with these peculiarities and try to make all phases of the move more pleasant and relaxed.

A personal conversation before the move is a must, and the individual wishes of the people are clarified. Professional moving companies offer all sorts of services to make sure the person moving home feels comfortable.

Many relocation providers are doing renovations in the new apartment so that the relocating can enjoy the new furniture on the day of moving.

What can you expect from a specialized company:

  • Relocation planning and organization
  • comprehensive advice
  • Procurement and delivery of packaging material and cartons
  • Sale of your old furniture, you should no longer need this
  • Packing and unpacking all belongings
  • Special packaging service (bulky furniture, fragile items, valuable items)
  • careful packaging of glass and porcelain, sculptures, chandeliers, transport of goods to be moved
  • Re-registration of electricity, water, gas, telephone & Co
  • Furniture assembly (dismantling and construction, also of new furniture)
  • Sorting the inventory
  • Pictures of the clothes in the cupboards for an identical sorting at the new place of residence. This eases the orientation, and you can bring the clothes back to the right place much faster.
  • Dowelling and drilling if you want to hang pictures or shelves
  • Electrical appliances Service
  • Construction and connection of hi-fi and TV systems, computers, lamps, electrical appliances
  • Obtaining the parking permit or the no-parking zone
  • The connection of washing machines, dishwashers, etc.
  • Clearing out, disposal of bulky waste, shredding
  • Preparation of furniture
  • Dismantling and construction of waterbeds
  • Administrative and administrative procedures
  • Forwarding order at the post office
  • If necessary, the mediation of a hotel accommodation
  • Painting and renovation work
  • Heavy load transport, e.,g. piano
  • Mediation of care service for your pet
  • Sufficient insurance coverage for damages
  • waste disposal


Tips for packing

It is finally time to pack boxes. You collect all things around you and try to separate them from those that are least needed. Especially older people do not find it so easy to throw things in the trash, even though they do not need anything anymore. It is much easier to know that the sorted things are passed on and not immediately thrown into the garbage bin. For this purpose, you can create 3 types of boxes:

One for all things that you take with you — one for the garbage and another for the neighbor or someone who is in need. Here you can put things that are really in good condition.


How can you find the right moving company?

  1. The best information can be obtained from his friends or acquaintances. Maybe you already have experience with relocation companies for seniors and can give a tip.
  2. On the Internet, you can find numerous relocation providers from the region. You simply have to write as a keyword “seniors move” and start the search.
  3. The regional newspapers often provide information about relocation providers. Before deciding on a moving company, you can arrange an appointment for a consultation.

Because the selection is quite large, you can create a list of the companies you want. But it would be best if you were not more than 5. Otherwise, there is a danger that it will be very difficult to make the right decision.

Each offer includes a free consultation so that the move is tailored to the individual needs of the client. When choosing the right company, the price/performance ratio is especially important.

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