Student relocation helper, what do I have to take to care of

When planning your move for the first time, be sure to remember that many helpers are needed for each move. Do not overestimate yourself, because moving is not just packing boxes. There are many organizational and bureaucratic tasks that you should do. If you have large furniture, you should also dismantle and build it. This is also a specific task for which not everyone has sufficient expertise.

So when creating a preparation list for the move, be sure to add a point: finding helpers for the move.

However, if you move to a foreign city where you do not have any friends and acquaintances, you should opt for an alternative measure. Today, many relocation companies offer professional relocation assistance. You can hire a moving company on the internet to relocate, saving you time and money. That’s a good idea, but perhaps your financial resources are not enough for that. It would be best if you did not disappoint in this case, because there are also cheap version.


Where can you find suitable relocation helpers

If you are looking for a suitable relocation helper, you can take advantage of some options. There is an alternative option that you simply need to gather more information about.

Many students, for example, often need additional income. They are oriented in the moving industry because they are still young and strong and this work allows you to study.


Where can you find them?

Online job boards

On the Internet, you can only find a good offer with just a few clicks. There are local online job boards where many students offer their help in the moving industry. There is still the possibility that you yourself create an ad and wait for suitable offers. It would be reasonable for them to post the announcement for about four weeks in advance. So you have enough time to react appropriately if nobody makes you a suitable offer. It is recommended that you provide all the data correctly – moving day, moving time, amount of removal. Maybe you can still name the number of helpers needed.

In the universities or colleges

There may be a university or college near you. If this is the case, do not hesitate to go because almost every college or university has a bulletin board where you can see numerous advertisements. Look through them because you’ll probably find ads from student relocation helpers. You can also prepare an ad and hang it on the board.

It would be best if you have many friends, colleagues, and relatives. As more people know you, the greater chance, you have of finding a good offer. Word of mouth is always the best and also the cheapest form of advertising. If you lack experience in this area, it is better to trust your friends who already have some idea of it.

One thing is clear: the earlier you start your search, the better chances you have to find a good offer.

Agency for temporary work

A temporary employment agency can be very helpful. Here you can find helpers of every kind, and indeed the price of the offered service is much cheaper than with the removal companies. Here you must also timely report moving date and all other details so that the agency has enough time to bring you in contact with the appropriate relocation helper. You must know something else: temporary workers are usually insured. Thus, any damage to the furniture is taken over.

Moving help as needed

What kind of service do the student relocation helpers usually offer:
  • You can carry out basic cleaning before handing over the apartment
  • Light renovations such as painting the walls are also in their competence
  • They also help with packaging the entire household contents
  • They take care of your children during the move
  • You can also look after your pets during the move
  • You can drive the moving van
  • Set up no-stop zones in front of your old and new home, including obtaining official approval and signage


What does the removal aid cost?

Do not accept an offer because it is too cheap. The price is definitely important. But it is also important what service you get for the price. In addition, you should check that the relocation workers are insured so that you do not end up with high-cost damage. Therefore, it is advisable that you spend a bit more, but in case of damage, no bad consequences.

The price varies by region. It varies between ten and twelve euros per hour. The employees of a temporary employment agency can ask for the service around 18 euros per hour.

If you hire a relocation helper for your move, you still have some costs to consider. You not only pay the hourly wage, but there are still some costs that must be taken into account.

  • insurance costs
  • Agency fees of online job boards or temporary work agencies
  • Travel costs should often be taken into account
  • In addition, your relocation helper will be happy about a little food and a small tip as a thank you.

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