Tips for moving with the elderly

Moving is an important change in one’s life. They affect, not only physically, but also on a psychological level since it is starting from scratch somewhere else. Many times missing the previous home is something normal, the truth is that you remember forever even if you are well in your new home. But, for an old man, it can be even more difficult.


Moving and the elderly

If the move is made with elderly people, you have to take things more calmly. It is possible that this person has lived all his life in that house and it is hard for him to leave behind part of his experiences, even if he enters into depression because for them it is a great change.

Some tips for moving with the elderly

Advancing to an age where one’s physical abilities are diminishing is an even bigger and more stressful challenge than a normal move. Many older people decide to leave their homes for life to live in a residence, where they can receive additional care to live their last years with the care they need.

Others decide to reduce the size of their home by moving to a smaller one to simplify their lives, in years where unnecessary complexities can become big annoyances. Today at Big T Moving & Delivery, we offer you some tips to move with the elderly (or help them move, depending on the case).


Start talking to them about the move as soon as possible

As the need to change homes approaches, older adults are less inclined to talk about it. It is important to make sure that the elderly do not completely close to the possibility of moving.

As the time and date of the move approaches, older people worry that they may be forced to make a decision against their will, or maybe mentally incapacitated to make a decision that is more convenient for their own interests.

Therefore, talking about the transfer as soon as possible will help both of you to reach an agreement before that deadline arrives in which you will have to move. If you tell him a week in advance, he is probably so close to the possibility of being so close that you will not get anything worse than aggravating the problem.

In general, keep in mind the following:

  • Older people tend to have things that, at best, no longer serve but are a treasure for them, something of value even if you do not see it. Before you throw it away, just ask him if he wants to get rid of that part of his life.
  • Try to remember where and how you had everything in the house because it is good that, in the new house, you put it in a similar way. This way you will help him feel his new home like the previous one.
  • Plan the move with more time. Older people can not keep up with you, and they get much more stressed (it’s the same as for children). Therefore, if you can, start the move before to go more calmly without affecting the day to day of anyone.
  • Give him his own space. Many tend to make themselves the packaging of all the belongings, whether they belong to one or not. But in the case of the elderly, you have to give space for that person to do it. It is a transition, a change that they must live.


Our philosophy in Big T Movers

 At Big T Moving we are aware that an older person is probably not capable of moving most of the moving boxes by himself, not even the lightest ones. In some cases, it is not even possible to ask them to put them in boxes for when our operators arrive.

In these cases, we usually give our clients two options: if they can trust the support and help of a family member packing all their belongings in boxes, this would be the ideal alternative. If not, our operators can take care of this work without any kind of problem. Our goal is that the move can be made, so we offer a comprehensive service in this regard.

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