Tips for the preparation of a smooth moving

Moving to a new house is always causing for joy and facing the future with renewed hopes. However, it also implies a process that for many is a real headache as it is a move.

A move in the most serene conditions is possible only if it is well prepared. It is distressing to manage the changes in place and habits, unnecessary to create more stress by neglecting to prepare for his move.

Nowadays, thanks to the companies specialized in movings, the task has been greatly facilitated, but it is not just a matter of passing the furniture and objects from one house to another, but there are other very important factors to take into account.

However, with a little planning and order, the move can be much easier than you think. Here we leave you some tips that will help you to realize it with total success.


Tips for moving

Prepare Moving: Sort

The most important step is sorting. We are always surprised when we move the volume of objects, papers and junk accumulated. This is an opportunity to lighten up (and lighten the bill): recycle papers and magazines, donate clothes and shoes that you no longer wear and neglected toys; organize a garage sale or sell online items or furniture that are more valuable but will not follow you. Sorting done, you can proceed to estimate the volume of the move.

You can take advantage of the move to get rid of things that no longer serve you. It will help you to clean the home and it is sure that you will find objects that you did not even remember. You can give things away, donate them to charity or even sell some items and get extra money.

Have you thought about the characteristics of your new home? A common mistake is to take everything to the new house and realize that there are things that do not fit or are just as good in your new home. That is why you have to be aware of everything that we are going to take and where your place will be in the new house.

Make an inventory of everything you have, this will help you to verify that you do not forget anything or lack any object when the move is finished.

A move is not just furniture and objects. Be sure to notify the change of residence to the water, electricity, insurance, gas, telephone companies … or terminate the contract if you are going to change office.

If you choose the move option with friends, you will need to estimate the volume yourself to buy sufficient supplies (cartons, packaging, bubble wrap) and rent a utility vehicle of the appropriate size.


Professional Moving

Entrusting your moving to professional is a less stressful solution – they provide the hardware for your needs: special cartons, protective packaging, and covers, adhesive. Moreover, a professional mover will know if a piece of furniture requires a particular treatment, or estimate the difficulties of access and maneuvering (upholstery, trolley, straps).

To save time when visiting the estimate, the trick is to mark what will not be transported with a piece of tape (such as the one used in painting, which leaves no residue). On the day of the move, this detail will allow the movers to be more efficient and not interrupt frequently to check with you if you want the fridge or the flowerpot on the terrace.

Preparing for a move also concerns all the administrative procedures: mail tracking, transfers and cancellations, change of bank, gray card, etc. Make a list so you do not forget anything.


The Big T Moving & Delivery have since 2008 acquired the expertise that the experience confers. We have equipment adapted to each category of goods, for a protected and secure transport, according to your constraints and your budget. The Twin Movings will guide you in the preparation of your move and execute it with the care you deserve.

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